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Deadliest K'nexer? Answered

Well this was just a quick question I had. And yes, if you were wondering, I was watching Deadliest Warrior and it inspired me to ask this.
If each K'nexer chose their best 3 weapons from their entire span of building, who would win a free for all war?
For example, Killerk takes in his Pistol, TR, and SR. (I can already see you guys jumping to conclusions now...) Examining each gun, who would win overall in CQC, mid range, and long range field conditions?
I'm not saying that they can only use one gun depending on range. They can use all three guns but they'd be playing 3 times, once on each different sized field.


I just realized that the tr-18 is out of the question because it was a collaboration between bakenbitz and killerk.  So that means that no knexer would be able to use it in a war with only weapons they made.

It wasn't really a collab.  It was just Killerk building a TR, then Mepain modding the turret, then bitz modding it, then Killerk modded it further.

sort of an onofficial collab.  My point is that no one person made it.  Are you on kichat right now?

I think that would mean that more than 1 person would be able to use it.   And no, I'm not.

I wouldn't put it past them... Let it the f**k go.

I don't think so. Where is the line between modding and building the same with a few changes? Could I just change one little part on a BR and call it my own so that I could use it? I think it should be the original creator's weapon and only the versions made by them.

Bitz put an 18 and 36 shot turret on the BR, and he made his own 36 shot version of it, so he should use that and Killerk uses a normal 18 one.


8 years ago

I'd use my MagBow for long and mid range, and my shotgun pistol for cqc.


8 years ago

the dunkis has good guns

TR-18 as mid-long range, Vice CKG as main assault rifle, and MeZak as oodammo sidearm.  (my first choices)

As one knexer, I'd say Kinetic, Zak, S0lekill3r, and possibly knexfreek.

I already said, Kinetic, S0lekill3r, Zak, Knexfreek, bakenbitz, KillerK and Mepain.

What are the best guns THAT YOU CREATED??!?

Tactical shotbow(hopefully posted today)  mini pistol, heavy pistol, KG-5.  Those are my best so far.

No, those are just my guns I have made.  My arsenal would be my tactical shotbow and vice ckg.

The freakin arsenal has to be your own guns!!! Don't you get it???

Yes I do!  It would be my tactical shotbow, mini pistol, and kg-5 if it is just ones I made!  I made all of those myself!  I am just saying, the vice would be my first pick as a primary otherwise!  geez!

Yeah, he goes over board with bad grammer, text talk, and excalmation marks.

 Was that sarcasm, because that had bad grammer, but I know, eh?  It is annoying.  He's still cool, though.

But I just realized that most of his ible's are Oblivitus's ideas, not his.

Yeah, that's why he's awesome! Oblivitus' ideas are amazingly great!

They are brilliant, but he his really old to be knexing, too.

I know that, I meant that statement relative to everyone else. 

I don't see why when you just admitted to his ideas being brilliant. Generally, the older the K'nexer, the more skilled they are. If only kids played with K'nex, we'd still be stuck in the age of simple tube and stick guns with fixed rod magazines. Turrets, bolt action, decent removable magazines, and a lot of other great concepts were all mostly thought up and built by teen K'nexers or older.

I have always known they were briallant, I don't have to state every revolation as soo as it hits me right away somewhere.  All of the good ideas came from mature knexers, I know.


Sidearm: M1911.45
Mid-range (primary): Skorpion
Almost long range: Break action shotgun


8 years ago

Implying that the gun makes the player is a terrible assumption.

Assuming that I or any of the other posters are not stalkers and don't know what kind of physical and mental shape all of you are in, I was thinking it'd be obvious we knew that. I'm saying who of two people on equal grounds with different weapons would be more likely to win, even if ever so slightly?

Now you're implying that all K'nexers are the same.

I don't see where your basis of 'winning means something' comes from either.

Think of a scientific experiment. You want one variable to change, and all the other variables to remain constant the whole time. The variable that is changed is the knexers arsenal. If you have androids fight it out with the guns you would get better results than having all the knexers on the site duke it out with three of their own weapons. What Dunkis was saying was that for this experiment to be effective you have to have consistency. If we all went out and fought each other in a forest then Natural Selection would begin to effect us and affect the results too. If I was butting into something that I shouldn't have gotten myself into then, I am truly sorry.

Don't bother. He knows very well what I meant. He just feels like pointing out every little thing he can.

But when you try to find the 'deadliest k'nexer', you don't take the k'nexer out of the equation. That's a bit more than a 'little thing'.

*sigh* Dude, don't take think things through too hard. This isn't a super serious discussion. I was curious. I don't need criticism for my curiosity.
Imagine it this way. Two computer AI are programmed exactly alike but are each given different knexing weapons. Based solely on the weapons they're using, who would be more likely to win in a large test sample?

I don't like it either how the show Deadliest Warrior takes almost no account of how skilled the actual warriors were but rather how lethal their weapons are (and don't even take into account any strategic uses but literally just how much damage they do or prevent) but it's still interesting to watch even based on just the weapons.

Dude, don't take think things through too hard.

What? I will assume you made a mistake.

If it isn't super serious, why do you still feel the need to argue about it?

Imagine it this way...

Computer programs? Isn't the title of this thread Deadliest K'nexer , not Deadliest K'nex Gun ?

Would you just not worry about it? Do you honestly care at all or just find it fun to get on my nerves? The topic wasn't serious. You had to start up a serious argument by making assumptions though.

All I was trying to say was who had the best arsenal of K'nex guns. I was trying to give a scenario to help decide. I came up with a name as play-off of the show Deadliest Warrior. The scenario itself was somewhat similar. I was hoping it was obvious enough. I'm sure you fully understood but of course you have to point out every little thing that you're sure would annoy me.

Every other poster knew very well how to handle it. Why can't you? Maybe I'm wrong but you seem like one to argue randomly at the slightest set up. Tell me, what exactly are you trying to accomplish in this argument? I'm curious so that we may finish.

Why? Because everybody on this website seems to be stuck in a hole in which they think knexguns are the only factor in a war situation, that's all. One could call it a 'pet peeve' of sorts. There's no need to get pretentious.

If what you were trying to accomplish was a "which gun is best" thread (which is what this boils down to according to your previous arguments), then realize that no one gun is the best for every single person.

What I meant by not being a serious topic is that I didn't exactly care what people would say. To truly find the best set would require a lot of testing and crud and you still wouldn't get solid answers. I just wanted people's opinions. Of course everyone will have their own and that's what I wanted to see, if that's how you want me to explain it.

And of course I don't believe in the "best gun". It's why I haven't even tried any sort of BR type weapon and I absolutely despise single shots. I don't have any weapons made for long range. I'd just use what I'm comfortable with. I'm hoping to see more variety out of the next K'nex war then.