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Dealing with an unsquare slab? Answered

I started to lay out my walls and found out my slab inot square. it was supposed to be 16 x 24 and it is 16 x 23' 9 x 23' 11. bothe ends are 16 ft but the two side differ by 2 inches. do i build to the slab and try to square up with the roof or do i square up the initial framing and leave an inch ovehang/short on the slab? BTW they deliverd the lumber yesterday and it is raining today


. As the others have said, build square or you will have more problems as you build the rest of the structure.

Thanks to all. everyone has given me the same advice, build it square. I am going to get my concrete guy out tomorrow and see what he can do. I have talked to several folks that have advised me to have him add some cement and footings to square things up. If I go with the over hang/short method, I will have aproximately. 2.5-3 inches short/over hang.

Frame square- it is much easier all the way to the roof and final trim. You probably want to over hang the edge of the slab with sill plate rather than have the sill plate inside the edge of the slab to cut down on water intrusion. Figuring out which direction the slab is out of square is a little more challenging (especially in the rain- based on my experience) I would snap a chalk line 3.5 inches in from slab edge along a long side and then using the 3/4/5 measurements figure out which direction to shift sill plates (bottom plates) to end up with the least amount of over-hang over-all. This will take some time and re-marking (I usually start with one color chalk line and switch to another when I finally decide on lay-out) Use the largest multiples of 3/4/5 that fit within your slab for the greatest accuracy. This would be so much easier to show than to explain- hope this helps.

You need to build your walls square or you'll have problems all the way down the line. However you need to be carefull of the sliver of exposed slab because it can invite moisture and water inside. Don't feel bad I have no roof on my house now and the forecast is 5 days of flooding... good luck :)