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Dear oh dear, Killerjackalope's gone and done it again... Answered

The other day I was shooting at one of the invading spawn of killerjackalope with my slingshot. The ickle bastard teleported away, and my BB struck my sidewalk instead, ricocheting into my front window...


Wow, that sucks. That reminds me of:


Bahaha, My spawn will soon consume your puny world...


*grabs shotgun and starts blowing away mutant jackalopes*

You have it easy! The pandalopes are much worse!



Pandas with ram horns and giant mutant rabbit legs. They breed as fast as rabbits but only have one baby pandalope at a time. Babies are more dangerous than average adult. A mother who has a baby is way more dangerous than a baby.

Attack strategies:

Pandalopes hop fifty feet in the air and dive down head first on its prey.

How to defend yourself:

Give it beer and while it is distracted, take something and whack it right between the horns. It has a major artery (it's fatal flaw) there and it will die very slowly so run, RUN!!!

You only have so many bullets these little wretches just keep multiplying like, well rabbits...

They'll burn you ya fool... RUn to the offies, buy beer... Leave it out and wait for them to get drunk, then make a trap...


*nips down to local beer shack, tries to buy beer, gets tossed out*

*sneaks back in the dead of the night, tries to steal beer*

*gets arrested*

*refuses to keep silent, screams*


lol *helps out RS* *throws a million bottles of molotov cocktail on KJ*

Molotov Cocktails aren't a drink, they are an item, its a flammable liquid mixed with tar/oil and thrown*

I always thought they had a certain edgy appeal as a drink though...

I'll bet you got in big trouble for that...

Wow. Whatever happened to staying 200 yds away from residential areas?

I don't think that restraining order applies to his hell spawn...

Oh no! Your parent's must be pissed! Are they making you pay?

It was under there direction that I was to shoot it, I wanted to pour gasoline on it and torch it...

And as it's the only window I've broken EVER, they let it be...