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Decimator Crossbow (v7) Answered

Well I finally got some more pieces, more still coming; this enabled me to build something bigger =d

This crossbow(more like cannon, now) has the following specs:

Ammo: 1 Standard arrow, which needs to be ductaped other wise torn to shreds.
Weight: 4,5 kilo's (9,92 pounds)
Range: Not tested outside, will beat the Reaper and the Blockhead for sure.
Rubberbands: 32, 8 strings of 4 ( these may still be increased as it shows no bending yet.)
Power: Just look at 2nd picture....should explain a lot.
Trigger: Same as on the Blockhead, some big improvements on it though.(Surprised about how power much it can take...)
Sturdiness: Seems close to unbreakable lol...
Without realizing..I also made a very good scope on it o.o

I had a purple+blue 3d connector as arrow tip and when I fired on my cardboard box, it made a huge tear...and my ears were ringing like from an explosion O.o'

Well this monster has bad points:
Need a long/strong left arm if you are right-handed, because this thing is heavy as hell.
Cannot fire without trigger.
Every arrow needs ductape otherwise connector gets torn off.

Also I gonna try and say...:

I think this may very well be the most powerful ranged k'nex weapon on this site at the moment.


Hey Everyone! Check out my new sniper rifle. Its range is 150 ft!

just one thing that's really anoying abouth it ..

it is to powerfull to shoot indoors :P

i have made it !!! 

today 31/05/2010 ! :P

damn its a monster , HUGE !

i have did a range test and it shoot ( mine ) 383 feet  !! 

this is the most powerfull knex gun there is ..

i have build the most big and powerfull knex things on ibles
as the SRv1 and 2 bud nope its not more powerfull as this ..
so what is more powerfull ?? 

Wicky , REALY good job
( dutch )
lekker gedaan pik :P

My GOD! Wicky, you are insane! 5* for sheer :O

you shouul so instructables for this gun i so want to make it


when u gonna post instructions 4 it? soon i hope =]

This was taken apart about 3 days after I made this topic, while typing I am working on the Instructable for the DragonflY, light assault crossbow.

i built a big one too. it has 10 strings of 4 and a basic system to hold arrow its about as big as this one ish

i want one. whats the approximate piececount at full. i might build bigger one (if i have the pieces) and i thought the reaper was a beast

Ugh never counted the amount of pieces.
I could have made it bigger..way bigger, but I wouldn't be able to turn it around in my room xD

The Reaper has it flaws, I could improve it a lot from what I have tried by now =o

keep it in a different room. or make it so you can disassemble and reassemble it.

There have been 600 comments on your instructables, forum topics, and/or your Orangeboard. Lol nice =D

Yeah that might have been an option, but I have two crossbows assembled right now, which are aimed at portability(and believe me...this one was hard as hell to even hold xD).

me? i have 978. and darn... well it was a good idea...

that is a lush gun

nice one dude! u have enough crossbows to start a small war... lol XD

Holy ****. I have enough pieces to fill a 3'x2'x1' container (enough to have the Reaper, Heavy cannon V5, and some other pistols built at the same time) but there is no way I have enough pieces for that. A true work of art. Will be rated 5* by everyone I know once it comes out, I guarantee it.

Sweet jesus.........do I have enough pieces? .........

You're on Wicky... This thing is beastly! Postage?

That might take a while, as I am building something that might be way more fun then this one...just wait =d

You are asking for it. How 'bout a build off? I need to finish a few projects of my own first though.

Sounds fine to me, but I have to finish this next project first =d

It could be, but I don't have my pieces here =d

Let me know when you get your hands on them then, eh?

I did have a small bit of knex over here...I ran out of green rods from this thing alone o.o'
But its just something I use indoors...or would be very suitable for knex wars, as the ductaping allows for even faster shooting.

And uh... those blue connectors on the center of the bow; the ones on top..should be purples =/

Picture 002 (Large).jpgPicture 001 (Large).jpg

XD that looks funny! I like it though. I likey crossbows.

Yeah...I should have said I was working on some massive crossbow that goes from wall to wall in my room.....and then for a picture show this thing...as I don't think they CAN actually be smaller xd

Is a bit funny though....your cannons started massive and are getting smaller
My crossbows started small and become bigger every time =d

Well, this one is bigger than my previous one.