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Deck with no concrete footings, how could I fix it? Answered

So I recently bought a house with a beautiful new composite deck but there are no concrete footings (I'm in the northeast and typically concrete footing are typically 24' deep). How can I fix this. The deck is about 20 inches off the ground. Any ideas??



9 years ago

The decks not in need of the fix its pretty sturdy but I'm just concerned long-term it may start to sag and such if its not on good footings

I suppose that you could prop the deck with additional supports, dig out holes underneath and fill back with concrete (a few at a time). But at 20 inches height you might find it easier to dismantle the whole thing, lay foundations and rebuild it.
But you do have the option of not fixing it until it does start to sag. You might have other ideas for the space when that happens?


You want to add concrete footings to a deck that doesn't have them? Let us know and we'll think of something.
Is this deck in need of a fix?