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Dehumidifier Answered

I need a dehumidifier system.
I am thinking of using peltier heat pump as it consist of a cooled surface..it can catch moisture from the air cuming to it  and convert it into water...
is that possible or anybody done this before..
anybody having any idea about it please tell...!


do you have an idea of how much water this needs to shift?


It certainly sounds like it would work - just beware of moisture getting into your circuit, or corroding exposed surfaces.

i am thinking about the power i will require...
as the efficiency is vry low in case of peltier model..
to drop the temp to dew point high cooling would b required....
any idea about power inout and temperature range provided by peltier model..?

.  "High cooling" is not required. You just need to drop the temp a few degrees to start removing water from the air. Look at what happens to an iced drink that has been set on the counter.
.  As far as the power required, that depends on how much water you want to remove and how quickly you want to do it.

.  PS: steveastrouk seems to be a bit of an expert on TECs - maybe he will provide some insight.