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Delay Power To a Solenoid Valve Answered

I am making a pneumatic cannon with a solenoid valve which is turned on by a switch. However, I am wondering how I could delay the switch. So, when I flick the switch the cannon doesn't instantly fire, instead it would be delayed by maybe a half a second or so for effect. Would I use a 555 timer? I'm really new to this, so could you tell me how I would go about doing this?

Thanks Guys



7 years ago

Hi- I am building a high power water gun for a handicapped neighbor- am seeking how to activate with minimal hand strength - would welcome to see what you have learned using a solenoid activator.

depending on how high powered your water gun is, you could modify this http://www.i-hacked.com/content/view/283/48/ setup

basically all you have to do is release the air trapped behind the diaphragm in the sprinkler timer and it'll open the valve releasing whatever is behind it (air or water)

555 is a good method. Just hunt a circuit for a one-shot 555 desuign