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Delayed again!!! Answered

I have been working on my plasma speaker for a long time, after I got everything working, I was about to take a good video of it working. But just then, the MOSFET exploded, and made a huge puff of smoke... Dang! Delayed again! I made and completed the instructable on making a plasma speaker (some of you might had seen it as you are subscribed to me), but I just need a video to prove that the plasma speaker is working. I was going to post the instructable today, but the MOSFET delayed it... :-( It may be a few more days before the instructable is published...



9 years ago

as you use maplin 7.2ah batteries (i have 2 12v 7.2ah and one 6v7.2ah) is it safe to connect them to make 30v 7.2ah for my 120v inverter?


Reply 9 years ago

these batteries are (am7.2-6 and am7.2-12) if it helps you.

Arrrgh, I was really hoping you would have finished the Instructable by now but components are components.......

After I replaced the dead MOSFET with my last one, it exploded too.. :-( Now I will have to order some more MOSFET's...

Whatever the hell it is going on... I had ordered 50 MOSFET's, so I won't be delayed again...

After buying 50 MOSFET's I have no pocket change, and I have to pay some money back to my dad because I borrowed some of his money... :-(

Up from the ashes, grow the roses of success...


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i would be cautious as to what i plug into the input

Yeah, I got every thing connected properly, it is probably due to the arcing problem...

I was looking at how they work before, they seems to be tetchy buggers from others accounts, overrated mosfets seem to be recommended by many though it mayn't be much help if it won't go after the change.

That take all the fun out of it. A friend of mine was planning on doing an independent study next semester about electronics, and a plasma speaker was his planned project. I can't wait to see the final project! *subscribes to Plasmana*

Ooooh! Cool. Can't wait