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Delete button on comments doesn't seem to work Answered

The delete button for comments doesn't seem to be working since your site update (I'm on a Mac using Safari). I'm an incorrigible reviser, so 80% of the time after I post a comment (or instructable, for that matter) and I re-read it I want to revise it. Till now I would just delete the comment and re-write it, but the delete button doesn't work anymore (on a Mac running Safari).

And while I'm on this same train of thought, I would love to be able to have the option to make small corrections to my published instructables WITHOUT having my subscribers notified of the changes. If I fix a typo or update a link, I don't want to clutter my subscriber's mailboxes with notifications. Other times though, if I make a substantial update, I appreciate the opportunity to announce it. A "notify subscribers of update" button would be really nice. If you click on it, you can publicize real changes, but if you just fixed poor punctuation you won't be spamming anybody.


For your updates, you can already do that - edit, hit save, but don't hit publish, just go to a different page.

Thanks, that's good to know. I feel much better about going back to make small changes now. I think it's a fairly new feature though, isn't it? Or maybe I just never got it right.

Its not a new feature. As long as you click "save", any changes that you make to a published Instructable will update it, just like saving a draft.
(A lot of people just didn't notice). ;-)

If you are having trouble deleting your comment, try refreshing the page. If that doesn't work then you might have to wait 2-4 minutes for our servers to sync up and then try again. 

Kiteman has your answer regarding saving/publishing.

Thanks, I'll try that if it happens again.