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Deleting instructables... have you done it? Why? Answered

I was considering getting rid of a few of mine. There are some that I'm not happy with - the workmanship is not the best, or they're basically pointless, really. I'd like to re-do one of them.

Have you ever gotten rid of an instructable?

I've scrapped ones that I was editing before, but deleting published ones seems almost... wrong.


Umm... I decided the safety disclaimer on a DIY lathe ible I had wasn't going to cut it. It sort of..um...blew up in my face....literally.

I deleted 2 'ibles that was rated below 3 and had less than 1k views, I did not think they was any point leaving it up, so I deleted to make more space for instructables. :)

 Yes. Every slideshow that i have posted. I make slideshows for knex stuff, then i later make an instructable for it. then i delete the slideshow. This is because of comments, i get WAYYYYY too many comments a day.

Ive deleted about 5 or 6 instructables and slideshows, and pseudo deleted 1, because it was entered in a contest. Reason- they all sucked. Ive had no remorse for doing so.

It's the same quality as the rest of your guns...

What the hell do you have against my guns? Or are you saying that it was just as good as my other guns?

I'm saying that it is equal quality to your other guns, so saying it's lame is the same as saying your other guns are lame.

Well its not equal. Its worse if anything. I made it when I was new at knex and didn't have a lot of parts, so it had a wire stock and flimsy barrel. It was probably my second worst posted knex creation. That is why I removed it.

It's better than a lot of your other stuff.....

I've deleted incomplete ones, and I've unpublished one for a brief time due to questionable content.


8 years ago

Well i never really made a ible yet but plan to soon anyways.

Upon further review, the ones I really hate were entered in contests and can't be deleted. :P

I agree with this.. :-/ Please let me know when we can delete entries for contests...

I wonder if we should forward this to the ones in charge? I tried to make the ibles private, and that didn't work, either.

Just remove all the steps, and say this ible has been removed by the author.

Just an observation. I felt the need to write something!

Just remove all the steps, and say this ible has been removed by the author.

My contest entries are often the rushed ones, because I'm working to somebody else's deadline.

Mine as well, and most times they're not really exciting or inspired. But, you know, it's a contest, and you just have to put something in!

I removed a couple that you could classify as irresponsible, and one I put up for a 24h joke. L

No that's still there (click me) it was the coconut-bomb and butane-on-a fire. L

I was going to make a lego mobile turret. I had already made one, so I planned on disasembling it and rebuilding it for the I'ble. But my brother dropped it and the pieces somehow wouldnt be arranged properly whenever I attempted to reassemble it, so I scrubbed the I'ble. It wasnt published, but it was tagged, written, and named, but I hadnt taken pictures yet.

I can't post this on your orangeboard, and since you had a Nicholas Cage face picture, I thought this was apropriate:


I've deleted a few early ones that were, quite frankly, crap...and also a couple others that on second thought, for various reasons, I decided I didn't want published after all.

I've only deleted projects that turned out not to work before I hit the publish button (most recently, an attempt to turn a festival wristband into a piece of everyday jewellery).

There are a couple that could benefit from a rewrite, and my first one still has not photos...

I've done a lot of that. Written it out, started documenting, and then realized it just wasn't going to work or I didn't like it. I tend to get really weird about older "works" of mine - every previous journal I've ever had, online or not, has been deleted simply because I'm not happy with it later. :P

I know other people who do that kind of thing, deleting past works to try and reinvent themselves, or to pretend they've always been as good as they are now.

Exactly! I'm going through another one of those phases at the moment.

one thing I hate about most stuff I build is that they seem to work at first, then later on, it doesnt perform like it used to.

Isn't it forbidden to go into the past and change the timeline? You upset the course of events and besides, it's fun to look at how you mature and become a better maker. Let the record show that you cannot change history.

I was me for that special pixelated avatar theme day. I remain in the avatar witness protection program.

Perhaps I'm not social enough, I'm completely out of the loop on all the avatar antics that have been going on.

You shouldnt really have to notice the avatar trends- If you dont follow a trend, it means you are independent and can be yourself.

Being anti-social is an inbred New Yorker instinct but every once in a while someone foolish will PM me and against my better judgement I will play along.