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Dell Insprion 1100 power jack negative positive pins? Answered

Hi all,

I was given a Dell inspiron 1100 with the charger and as I went to pull out the power cord from the the power jack at the back the wires ripped leaving the end of the plug still in the power jack at the back. I removed the end part and am now trying to figure out what pins of the 3 are what.It is a 3 pin jack all them are numbered 1,2 and 3.My problem is when the wires ripped out they left no evidence of what goes where when I tried to put them back in..Another problem is that the cord from the adapter only has 2 wires,centre and one around it,so two pins must be the same?.I placed smaller wires into the connection pin holes and glued it so later on  its easier to connect them up to the cord as the wires from the cord are thick and too hard to get back in the end connection.

Can anyone please help me identify the 3 pins?



courtesy of my romanian friend :)


Yes the bare wire is the negative and the insulated one is positive. As you can see on the plug it has 2 red and one black. the black is the negative and the red are the positive wires. As for where the positive and negative wires go on the board, thats a different question. But you should be able to probe it out. Just find a common ground point on the board and then do a continuity test between that point and the pins.

Thanks for the reply's.I forgot to mention that the two red and black are wires that I placed in the holes myself.I put them there because it's easier than trying to fit those big wires in as the holes are very small,thats why I used the smaller black and red wires.

Would you know why there are three pins when there are only two wires?

Then you'll have a hard time figuring out what goes where. You may be better off buying a new power pack.

Yea I know but it takes so long to come through the mail on ebay.

The insulated cable is the "live" one and the braided one is the neutral cable. I discovered this when working on a project.