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Dell Latitude D410 Closed Lid Screen Blank. Will not come back.? Answered

Purchased a Dell Latitude D410 with Windows 7. Even though I have set in Settings to "DO NOTHING" When LapTop Lid is closed, when open the lid back up, the screen stays blank. Only way to get it back is to force shut down.

Anyone know of a fix or workaround?



5 years ago

The sensor for closed lid could be a hall and magnet or a gravity sw or
lots of other devices...


Is this a brand new computer?

It sounds like the sensor/button that senses when the screen is down is sticking or broken. Even when you have the settings on "Do Nothing" it still turns the screen off when the lid is down to conserve power. I assume when it does this you've tried shaking and clicking the mouse and hitting buttons on the keyboard?
One thing to try is to change the setting s to "Hibernate" or "Sleep" on lid close. Do this then close the lid until it hibernates or sleeps then open the lid and hit the power button to turn it back on. If the screen works after that consider using one of those. Sleeping keeps the computer ready to go but in a low power state with the HDD off, hibernation saves everything as is then essentially shuts the computer down and then restores to the previous setup, including all programs and windows, when powered on.

Thanks for your reply bwrussell.

No it's not a new Laptop. I don't see any kind of switch.

Yes I tried hitting all kinds of keys and moving the mouse.

I don't have an option of Hibernate or Sleep, only Shut Down or Do Nothing.
It's Windows 7 Home Premium SP1.

I have changed it to Shut Down now until maybe I can find a fix or workaround.
At least it will do a controlled shut down.

The switch is probably either in the hinges or in the latch.

Does't seem to be mechanical when a reboot corrects the problem.

Something to try:
Set it to 'Do Nothing', start your music player and start a song. Shut the lid, the song should continue. Open the lid before the song ends. The screen should be blank but the song should still be playing. If at any point the song stops in the middle then you know that it's not a screen issue.

I could be. it's possible that the reboot is resetting the switch. My old laptop uses a momentary switch. It's also possible that the switch is physically fine but either the signal isn't making it to the software or the software is not reading it correctly.
Have you tried googling the issue along with the computer name? It's weird that you don't have the option of sleep on lid close, my Win 7 laptop does.