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Dell Studio laptop overheats in Windows Vista but not while running Ubuntu, why? Answered

My Dell Studio laptop turns off without any warning and when I restart the computer it complains of a problem caused by overheating. It only happens when I am running Windows Vista but it does not happen when I am running Ubuntu in the same machine. It does not seem to be a BIOS problem. I reinstalled Windows Vista and it keeps doing the same thing. The fan runs full speed first before the machine shuts off. I must have gremlins in my computer that hate Microsoft! It is the truth people I am not making this stuff! Can it be a corrupted thermal driver or a BIOS update that went wrong? I upgraded the BIOS to A6. Thank you very much for your help!



Best Answer 7 years ago

I'm guessing this is happening because Ubuntu takes up much less processor power, (which is why it runs great on slow computers,) so less heat is generated. If you were to run enough programs, I'd bet you that the same thing would happen on Ubuntu.

Try running vista and see how hot the processor *actually* gets. Is it hot? if yes, you're computer is doing a fine job of not self-destructing. You'll need to probably clean out any dust that's clogging the air vents and make sure that the computer is on a flat surface, not something like a blanket that can trap the heat.

If the processor *doesn't* feel hot, it may be any of the things that you listed above, or maybe a bad heat sensor, which is *inside of* the CPU. So, yes, if all else fails, you *may* need to get a new one.


7 years ago

You might want to check that the fan is not plugged up with dust or that the bearings are going dry and slowing down the RPM's .Fans do go bad. They are the low tech part of a high tech machine but the are vital to it running correctly.

Why did you reinstall Windows, and how long did that take? (You took a risk there that it wouldn't re-install because of the overheating problem...).
That's like taking the laptop apart and rebuilding it, but at least if you did open it up you might find some muck/fluff clogging up the cooling and be able to clean it?


The process of reinstalling Windows Vista is automated for the most part. It even save your old configuration and files in a folder named Windows.old. I made sure all my important files were backed up before I started. It took about an hour for the whole process.

Yes good, but how much affect did it have on the CPU temperature?


because vista is a fail, get windows 7