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Dental Implants Answered


I have to get four of my bottom teeth removed & will be getting dental implants. I decided to straighten my teeth also, so before getting implants have to get teeth straight, my bottom teeth are not to bad, Ortho said that once he has them in a position he's happy with can start the implant treatment, I'm terrified of this procedure I'm having nightmares and panic attacks.

Can anyone advice if it would be easy to go under or stay awake through the procedure, all crowns on bottom teeth now broke due to movement. Will the retainer I'm given during the recovery time be a removal or permanent one? Can you sleep with it in? Im in a new relationship & would rather not share that current state of my teeth with them.

Any advice on procedure would be much appreciated





5 years ago

Stay awake, it's kinda cool to feel someone put a screw into your jawbone.

These are questions you need to address directly to your dentist.

Personally, though, I found that sedation works well for enduring the actual procedure.

Caveat: Free medical advice from the internet is frequently worth less than you pay for it.