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Deppression Answered

     I think i'm clinically depressed, and i need some advice on telling
my mom.   If anyone has ever come out about being depressed before
your advice would be appreciated


Hello Sam,
Today I went to the doctor with my mom to do something about my deppression. The first thing to do is to tell an adult (your parents) because they need to know first thing and so they can schedule a doctors appointment. Deppression is a medical thing and needs to be treated like a disease because it is. It's a disease of the hormones in your brain and needs to be cured. Most likely you will have to get blood work done (medical purposes) and then see a councelor who will tell your doctor whether or not you need medicine to treat your deppression.

Someone has a problem with depression and your only concern is that it was spelled wrong?

Your incessant nit-picking helps no one.

. What do you expect from a DIY site? This is not a self-help or medical or mental-health site - it's about making things.

Perfecting yourself is the ultimate DIY project. Make yourself better, make yourself more perceptive, make yourself more honest. Much harder and more worthwhile than just making things.

. Sounds like unadulterated BS to me.

I think it's in the special box...they don't sell it in Wal-Mart...

It's educational.
The poster didn't seem to have a problem with depression, but we may assume that being depressed was a problem for them.
I'd prefer people do me favours by telling me where I'm wrong, rather than think nits are being picked*. It follows that I appreciate your opinion there, thanks.


*Nit-picking is generally regarded as being a negative term, but are you not being helpful in removing parasites from a person?

If someone says he is depressed and is asking for advice, he is not asking for advice about spelling.

You understood what he was saying and so did everyone else.

You understood his meaning. Meaning is most important and should be responded to.

Spelling, not so much.

The author spelled "depression" incorrectly once and "depressed" correctly twice, that I'll happily forgive as a keying-error in a poor state of mind.
The comment was to mermarina77, who was giving advice rather than asking for it, and spelled "depression" incorrectly 3 times.


You comment was well meant and well written, I didn't think you'd want to be spelling things wrong in future.


If the author were to search for help with deppression*, they would not find as many useful sites as if they searched for depression.

* Typing that hurt my spell checker.

If you google deppresion (incorrect spelling) you will get the same results as if you spelled it correctly. They have it covered.

The author didn't ask for help from google he asked for help from this community.

I have to agree with mikey here. I'm usually the first in line to nitpick about grammar and spelling, but c'mon.

I wasn't criticising the topic's author, merely offering an explanation to Mikey77.

(I know - that's not really aimed at you. :) )

Doctor first, they can absolutely help. I know. Don't try to beat it by yourself. You are NOT alone.

 You have already taken the first step by telling us. Look after yourself.

Dear Sam. I think you should do both.
Your mother will provide the support you need, your Dr. will determine whether you are "clinically depressed" or suffering anxiety, or something else. Please don't treat this lightly. I am so glad you are opening up, but, we are not the place to go. Tell your mum of your concerns or someone you trust and feel comfortable with such as an aunt, older sister, family friend, etc. Stay well. craftyv.


7 years ago

thank you very much

I agree with Lithium Rain, you should definitely tell your doctor because they can give you all the resources you need, and it's much easier to tell them first, rather than your mom. They might give you a paper with phone numbers of different places you could go and then you could just give it to your mom and say "Hey, do you think you could make me an appointment for one of these places?" or even just make it on your own.

Hi, Sam. I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. The first thing I think I would do if I were you is to get a checkup with my doctor, and talk with them about it. If they agree with your suspicions, they can help you tell your folks and figure out where to go from there. Take care of yourself. :)