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Design Assistance Humbly Requested! Mylar + Flatscreen TV + Frame = Stealth TV Goodness Answered

I am in the pre-panning stages of a project in which I would like to make a false over-the-mantle mirror to hide an LED TV using mylar on a motorized roll to pass over the television.  I will be building a frame and really need some brainstorming help with a starting off point for fabbing the mylar into a false mirror.  Parts, ideas, etc.  from a very simple, mechanical-tension model to more complex, electrically motorized design would be much appreciated.



My thanks to both of you for bringing your expertise and experience to this project.  I'll probably get around to doing this in a couple of months or so once we're a little more moved in. 

Hopefully, I'll get an instructable out of it and be able to pass a couple of hat tips to you.



You'd have to crank up the brightness on the TV to compensate for the mirror, but the stationary one-way mirror is definitely the way to go. I'd also recommend a one-way plexi sheet instead of the film.
I have personal experience with making mirrors out of mylar, and it's almost impossible to stretch it tightly enough to pass for a real mirror, even using the heat-shrink variety on a rigid frame. On a roller-type track, it would look exactly like a sheet of shiny Mylar.
Using the money saved on motors, rollers and controllers to buy a piece of one-way plexi would be a very wise investment, IMO. A piece of regular plexi with the mirrored film applied would be almost as good.