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Design Ideas Needed! Answered

I have tons of scrape paper laying around on a shelf, all having some story of a project of before. I used to come up with lots of ideas for many thing, but eventually my imagination has ran dry!

I'm requesting from the Instructable community to give me any ideas for a project for me to do. An 'ible would help, but I want to make something that is made from the basis of ideas. Any ideas for anything using paper is what I am looking for.

This would help for me to make a cool 'ible one day. Thanks!



This is very cool! It has lots of several sections that I can look at, but organization could improve. Love the toilet paper section LOL

Considering that I got several stuff down, I want to say thanks to all the Instructables community for giving me ideas to create!

Keep putting stuff down, so that others can find some ideas.

origami dinosaurs? How about some "transformers"?

Suprisingly, I accidently came up with something that looks similar to a kind of "transformer" while I was cleaning up and found several Lego pieces. Might post it later.

After several days of looking around Instructables.com & fiddling with some scrapes, I've come up with several cool stuff that I'll be showing. Won't be until school slows down.



Papier maché



Hallowe'en costume.



... and you can always search the site's craft section.

Nice ideas, though I would like a specific request (just for the motive)
Maybe specify a design, like an origami bird (though I already made several)

Origami is so much more than birds, dinasaurs and little boxes. What about geometric origami, tesselations, advanced paper modelling. To gain motivation you would do well to simply look at Instructables and any other sites for paper crafts that catch your eye, or intrigue you.You cannot really be motivated by others. The beauty of the Internet is that you can follow threads that lead to other ideas that give you a name, and so on. You don't have to know what your looking for you just have to start looking. Start now. Good luck and enjoy the trip.

MAybe that's what 've been missing. Inspiration comes from searching and finding what is the most appealing. Those ideas then build upon your own, and then they form into something when you actually start creating. Thanks for the tip; I'll start looking around more to gain good ideas. School's hard to keep time open, but I will work it out.

Perhaps make a small bound notebook.

Interesting how you came up with that. Nice! I might do this.