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Design and the Elastic Mind @ MOMA until May 12 Answered

I just stumbled across this wonderful exhibition at the MOMA in NY, which will be running until May 12. If you browse the online exhibit, you'll see a bunch of technologies and artworks that have graced these pages previously, but there's tonnes more of Really Cool Stuff - definitely worth passing by if you happen to be in New York...

Design and the Elastic Mind, February 24-May 12, 2008
View the Online Exhibit!

In the past few decades, individuals have experienced dramatic changes in some of the most established dimensions of human life: time, space, matter, and individuality. Working across several time zones, traveling with relative ease between satellite maps and nanoscale images, gleefully drowning in information, acting fast in order to preserve some slow downtime, people cope daily with dozens of changes in scale. Minds adapt and acquire enough elasticity to be able to synthesize such abundance. One of design's most fundamental tasks is to stand between revolutions and life, and to help people deal with change. Designers have coped with these displacements by contributing thoughtful concepts that can provide guidance and ease as science and technology evolve. Several of them—the Mosaic graphic user's interface for the Internet, for instance—have truly changed the world. Design and the Elastic Mind is a survey of the latest developments in the field. It focuses on designers' ability to grasp momentous changes in technology, science, and social mores, changes that will demand or reflect major adjustments in human behavior, and convert them into objects and systems that people understand and use.

The exhibition will highlight examples of successful translation of disruptive innovation, examples based on ongoing research, as well as reflections on the future responsibilities of design. Of particular interest will be the exploration of the relationship between design and science and the approach to scale. The exhibition will include objects, projects, and concepts offered by teams of designers, scientists, and engineers from all over the world, ranging from the nanoscale to the cosmological scale. The objects range from nanodevices to vehicles, from appliances to interfaces, and from pragmatic solutions for everyday use to provocative ideas meant to influence our future choices.


ooh! I was there! I was going to make a post, but couldn't because I've got APs next week. I'll post a slideshow and edit the description later, though. (Oh, and I don't have too many pictures - my camera ran out of batteries and both me and my friend were having WAY too much fun to remember to take pictures. We went on an art-expedition to the city, and out of the 3 (4?) exhibits we went to, DatEM was definitely the best!


10 years ago

And in case you're wondering "What the bleep is that critter?!"...

Epidermits Interactive Pet

In a world where the value of life decreases daily, where boundaries between real and artificial are increasingly blurred, comes the toy that will truly confuse kids and rob them of any remaining sense of the natural. Epidermits are fully functioning organisms, resulting from advanced tissue engineering and the latest fuel cell and electronics technology. They don't feel pain - or think - but follow a complex set of algorithms. They require minimal maintenance, can be stored in a state of forced hibernation in a standard refrigerator, and are customizable with different body, skin and hair selections and through tanning, tattooing and piercing.

From the Cautionary Visions series, by Stuart Karten Design

Oh cool. Sounds like a good show. I've made one of those origami before (third pic). They're fun to do.