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Designing a Contemporary Computer Desk Answered

Hello everyone in this wonderful community!

I want to share something to see what you think about it!

When I finished high school in February last year, my family gave me some money as a present. I put all that money into my new computer. However, I had no other place to put my computer than my work desk. I need this desk for many other things, such as airplane modeling, drawing, designing, soldering, and such. Therefore I have to get a separate desk for my computer. I always enjoy making stuff myself, so I thought that I could design my own desk. So, this is what I came up with.

The desk I have designed has a contemporary, extravagant look, and is NOT designed to save space!
It will be made of MDF and have a dark glass top. No drawers or shelves needed, except for the keyboard and the mouse. It will be wall-mounted. The MDF will be painted black.

I have made the design in AutoCAD 2007 in 3D to see what it will look like, these are the renders I made, of the complete desk, of the structure, and of the pieces needed. 

I am not sure of the thickness of MDF and glass that I should use, or if the structure is too heavy or too weak. (I have a desktop computer, not a laptop) Please help me with this part!

If I ever build this, I will make an Instructable of it!

Please take your time and say what you think of the design! I will greatly appreciate it!


UPDATE: I have a 12 inch blue neon tube to light up the keyboard!

One question: why put the tower on top of the desk, rather than below it? That occupies a significant chunk of real estate.

This might answer your question:


It'll take the weight of a desk, you just need another one for the other end.


He's saying use two glowing towers as the legs. You get not just a "contemporary" feel, but a super duper futuristic feel.

Oh. OH. OHHH! LOL Good Idea!

UPDATE: I have a 12 inch blue neon tube to light up the keyboard!