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Desk Design yay or neigh? Answered

Hi guys,

Just looking for feedback about the intended design of this computer desk that i'm looking to make.
Basically if this was on sale would you buy it? is it good looking and 'today'? 
if it was on sale how much would you buy it for?



Why is the box in a hole?

And does the box actually fit in the gap you have created for it?

do you mean the computer box?
if so then yes it will be large enough to fit into the 'hole'
that is one of the features that makes this desk different, cuts down on noise and keeps the computer out of the way of feet or other space.

Make sure it is WELL ventilated or the life of the computer will be shortened

The keyboard drawer gets in the way of accessing the PC. No way to access the CDrom drive or try to plug in cables/flash drives. I have seen some desks hang the PC vertically closer to the front side of the desk.