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Desk Support Answered

Hey boys and girls. Over the past couple of weeks (due to work, mostly) I've been building this computer desk, the original here, and a slightly modified one. I've built it using 3/4" MDF and have it painted a gloss black, similar to the modified version.

I'm currently stuck on what to do for support. In the original, he uses file cabinets and some scrap material for supports. In the slightly modified version, he uses desk legs from Ikea.

I'd like to do something simple, but I'm kinda lost. I've had two ideas floating around my head for a while but I was wondering if their were any other suggestions y'all might be able to throw at me.

First, I was thinking about making legs out of chain-link-fence style posts.

Then I had the idea to suspend it. Attaching a cable to the front "bulge" on each side (see pic.), and attach the other end of cable to the wall. Using a piece of 2x4, or the like, screwed to the studs in the wall to support the back edge's. (I hope that makes sense).

I'm thinking suspending it might work, but would require a bit more work.

The idea of a floating desk sounds really cool, but I can't think of another way to achieve the effect.

Any thoughts on getting this thing off the floor, minus the saw-horses, will be greatly appreciated.


So I went to Home Depot earlier and found something I think will work for support. 20" x 13" Shelving brackets, similar to what Weissensteinburg suggested. Two of these per side seem like they would support the desktop, all I have to do now with these, is paint 'em black to match the desk.


. If the brackets will work for everyday use, but are a bit dainty for occassional heavier loads, fold-up legs under the desk top may help.

Suspending it would need cables which would get in the way in everyday practical use. Look into heavy duty "L" shaped shelf supports made out of metal. You still fix the back edge to the 2x4 ledge screwed to the wall and the shelf brackets cantilever it out of the wall. You may need a few to get it strong enough if you want it truly floating. If you want a support under, try a metal pipe with a corresponding pipe flange that you screw into the underside of your desktop. Check the screw length first so it doesn't pop out the other side. Cut the pipe to length. Good luck.

I don't know if wooden homemade ones would be as strong as purchased metal brackets...it's not like you'd see them anyways.

Furniture grade plywood made into thin "I" beams could be made just as strong with the right joints. Oak would be a good choice too. Think something along the lines of the corbels or flying buttresses used on cathedrals. IKEA uses birch or pine to make those swingout table legs too.

That's why I specified homemade. But now that I think about it, he seems like he could have the machines/skills required to make them.

add a vertical support plate from side to side under the desk (to form a shape of A) now it should be fine when connected to the walls without extra support dont load the side flaps seriously (computer / CRT monitor / stack of books)