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Desk mounted hifi amp? Answered

So I've just moved back from uni, and have encountered a couple of relocation problems - my beloved turntable won't fit on my shelves. So I'm planning on keeping it on my desk, but there's another problem, the amp that goes with it (Technics SUZ11) is shallower than the turntable, so if I stack them, the turntable is very prone to skipping from vibrations in the table (even if I just move my laptop a bit).

So what I was thinking, was put the turntable on the desk, mount the amp underneath, have a joyously neat workspace? :)

 I was looking at this instructable:. There are vents on the top and bottom of the amp, so airflow shouldn't be a problem, but I am worried about the weight (and ripping the mounting screws out of the table). I'd probably be sticking it on a cheap IKEA desk, which is made like this:
Table top: Height 4cm
Top: Fibreboard, Acrylic paint
Frame: Particleboard, ABS plastic
Filling material: Paper
Bottom: Fibreboard

Is it likely that I would encounter any problems? Or are there any other suggestions on how to do this? I've seen some CPU racks which  hold the unit in place with heavy duty straps, but these all seem inordinately expensive...


Quercus austrina

Best Answer 7 years ago

You want to have enough room over the top of the amp to allow for unobstructed airflow, otherwise the amp could overheat. Try for at least 1" (~2.2 cm) clearance.

If you are worried about the mounting screws pulling out of the desk, try drilling completely through the desk and using flathead bolts, the kind that need to be countersunk in order to be flush with the surface. Then you can use either lock washers, locking nuts, double nuts or double nuts with a lock washer between to fasten the mount to the table. Cool thing here is that you can place it underneath where the turntable is to be located and the screws will be hidden, especially if you bend the mounting tabs inward to form a "C".

Next up, I would then line up the amp and mark at least 2 holes on the bottom to put securing bolts/screws to keep it from sliding fore and aft in the mount. It would really bite the big one if the amp fell out of the mount and crashed to the floor.

While you are at it, run the wires neatly behind one of the legs, securing them however you wish, zipties, tape, etc. This will give a great and tidy appearance to your music center.


claireyQuercus austrina

Answer 7 years ago

Was definitely considering "C" brackets. May have to say goodbye to those lovely trestles though, because of the space on the underside of the table top. Ah well! Function over form, I guess.

Thanks for the tips!

Quercus austrinaclairey

Answer 7 years ago

I was just at Ikea yesterday and the round legs can be had rather inexpensively, much less so than the trestle legs. Yes, not as pretty, but just as functional and easier to modify the under desk area.