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Desktops of April Answered

Well, I said i was going to try and keep this topic 'idea' going for a few months, see what response I get!

Last months was a success, lets hope you all change your set-ups enough to keep this a monthly thing.

Today I have my work computer, which i just outfitted with a new background. I will add one of my home system when I get home.

The second two images are from my home set up. The Apple one i made myself, the portrait one was a desktop that i refitted to go the other way round, while adding some machinae supremacy lyrics.

The Wallpaper was from heylove, the artist has some good design work, and some even better photography, so check it out.

Running the on the desktop is geek tool, which is in Swiss Thin (i always use swiss at work, as many of the other fonts are turned off and on throughout the day).

In the title bar we have Little Snitch, and iStat Menus.

Be sure to post your desktop below. If your creative, and your still running the same wallpaper as last month, then you need to change it, right now. Then post it.




I just heard that changing your wallpaper can help relieve anxiety so I'll get right on it :D its on the monster logo now :D I feel better all ready, and fully energized!!!!

Did you not read my topic? Change it Boyo!

Nope, I didn't. And it is changing, it changes every 20 seconds.

If I had a favOrite (spell it right), then they wouldn't be changing. I have about 20 favOrites.

Obviously you have forgotten that i am english. Also, you should be more than aware than others, that i do not for one moment care wether i spelt it right. Let alone wether you have to point it out. Get all 20 posted now boyo! Share the wealth, but please make sure they are 1680 x 1050 or more...

And in all fairness, they invented the language, so who are we to call them wrong?

Did you not look at the screenshot in my March comment? My monitor is 1440x900, so all of my backgrounds are PNGs resized and cropped to 1440x900.

favorite honor gray plow tire...interesting, I spell moustache British-y

I did not deem that screen shot worthy of being opened beyond its thumbnail size.

its ok, i tend to spell customise with a z cos it looks cooler..


9 years ago

Here's my current one:

Capture 04-25-2009.png

Breaking Benjamin!


This is the pic i have as my background, i'm a nerd i guess.


ok, here is mine behind all the clutter....


Holy bojangles you have a ton of icons.

Yeah, I gotta work on organization skills ;-)

haha, the only thing keeping those icons back are your widgets!

That's right :-) I would probably have even fewer of them categorized if they weren't there :-)

wow! maybe you can make a picture out of all the icons! lol

Yeah, I think I just need to take some time and organize them into folders

Oh crikey! My work desktop has icons spilling off the right-hand edge...


I have more tools on my home computer (pictured above) then on the one at work :-)


9 years ago

I have this one at work, since we've had a late spring this year.


Yes, I think they are cherry blossoms,but they must be different then the ones that grow near me, which are a lighter pink.

Yes, they come in a few shades....


Yes, those are the ones I'm familiar with,and when the wind blows the petals off, it looks like it is snowing.

out front of my apt. there is a small blossomed tree with white petals that does the same thing :-)

Thats nice, i like wallpapers that make room for icons.


9 years ago

~after some tidying up, and a new wallpaper.


Thats nice, i like what you did with the iconless icons. Ghost in the shell is teh win btw.

I haven't changed mine since last month, but here's one from another account on my machine (which I still haven't removed...) L


It's some guy my friend photographed in Prague. I don't know whether he asked for money, but I guess he'd be easy to run away from? L

this is an awesome topic. I LOVE my background! I've been looking so long for a decent picture of Roger from American DAD and I FINALLY found it! Of course my brother hates it and threatens to change it daily lol But hey, my computer, my choice =)


Well, if it is your computer, he shouldn't have much to say about it then ;-)

yeah that's why my desktop has yet to change lol. It's not my fault his computer is 6 years old and dying and i can literally hear it everytime he turns it on =)

Your brother has no claim over what you have on your desktop :-) If you share the computer, get him his own signon and he can have his own desktop ;-)

I'm using a very lovely picture of Miss Didi as my desktop. Isn't she pretty? Her dad takes nice pictures!

Picture 1.jpg

Mine (sorta sucks due to icon clutter):