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Desktops of June Answered

I have no teamed up with Joe Martin to keep this topic going, were going to alternate, this month is my turn.

Today I have my work computer, again, I particularly like this one. I do love some of these space pictures.

The Wallpaper was made by myself using a dual screen wallpaper courtesy of our good friend Hubble.

Running the on the desktop is geek tool, which is in Swiss Thin (i always use swiss at work, as many of the other fonts are turned off and on throughout the day).

In the title bar we have Little Snitch, and iStat Menus.

Be sure to post your desktop below. If your creative, and your still running the same wallpaper as last month, then you need to change it, right now. Then post it.



Here's mine, I change it nearly every day to make up for the 3+ years I was never allowed to change it.


I think it's my favorite of all the backgrounds I've used so far.

That's the ticket! I'll remember that for in the future.


9 years ago


I love slim taskbars! What is the name of this one? Joe

Here's my 2nd themepack for the month, featuring flags by Deviantart user xxoblivionxx.

Windows 7 users, just download the themepack and doubleclick to set this as your theme.

alsjkdf Is this a bug? :-/ Not uploading my images...

I Restored my PC last month, so I had to keep the default vista wallpaper:

June desktop.jpg

What's the bar at the top, and what's the res on your screen?

that bar is the HP total care advisor toolbar (waste of my ram) Res is 1600x1500. MAYBE, i dont know for sure.

well at the very least, its different from last month.

Here's my Windows 7 desktop. Currently I am back to just my laptop's LCD as I had to pack away my 2nd monitor because we're moving soon. Sigh.

Anyways, if you have Windows 7 you might know about its "theme packs". With a theme pack you can choose a color scheme plus a set of desktop backgrounds that alternate every x minutes, according to your preferences. I have about 8 backgrounds I think of various spacescapes, mostly from deviantart or wallpaper sites. The walls change every hour. The color scheme is a dark purple with transparency turned on. I also have a weather app on the desktop so I know whether today is a good day to ride my bike, which apparently the next few days will not be :-(

I uploaded the themepack, so if you're a Windows 7 user just download and double-click the file.

june 3.png

Nice i like it! Thanks for adding and sharing the theme pack for others to use.

I forget where I found this...I edited it to fit my screen dimensions, and so that the duck would be visible when my trillian window is open.

DuckHunt-LaughItUp copy.jpg

I did too, Can't remember where? Lifehacker?

Lifehacker, yep. They've had several posts with video game walls.

my back ground is a tiled picture of hamilton mattress

Pics or it didn't happen!

  • Guistyle visual style yet again but just changed the colour.
  • "Icon-ized" taskbar icons.
  • A lovely lost wallpaper.
  • No DOCK! Just icons arranged neatly, shaves a few seconds off my boot up time.

:o it looks freaking awesome!