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Desktops of March Answered

We all use computers to access this website, which means were all most probably sat infront of a computer.

Many other forums do a monthly 'show off your desktop' thread, so i intend to bring the same to here.

Some of us are more than happy strolling along with the default windows xp skin, and a few icons on our desktops, others want and need to customize it as much as possible. Some of us, like myself, appreciate the extra efficiency with some of the tools available.

This is a place for people to share their desktops, and to ask questions about other peoples, so if you see someone else with a kick ass wallpaper, ask them where they got it!
I do not want any flaming. We accept ALL operating systems as equal.

So, on with the show, here is my march desktop features include -
  • Running Mac OS X Leopard
  • iStat Menus for temp, and memory usage in menu bar
  • iPulse for further activity usage in the desktop.
  • Adium, with a custom black text transparent background
  • Geektool, displaying RSS feed of recent Ibles comments, and the time
  • My own home made wallpaper, featuring a snail picture i found.

I look forward to seeing yours!

- gmjhowe


where did you get these heat things? Craig

Glad you found it! The background i made myself.

I dont feel like posting my desktop, it looks lame. The wallpaper is a corvette ZR1 though.

Mine is nothing fancy right now. I'm at school. Very cluttered. When I get home I'll have to change mine and post a picture. I've had the same flower as my Mac background for YEARS.


Though i can see how you have grouped desktop icons into clutters.


9 years ago

Mine, it's getting a little old, soo I'll probably change it.


Leopard OSX with 5 second rotation on a bunch of digital/fractal art. I'll screenshot the best... Minimal junk on dock, nothing on desktop except stuff im currently working on/unfilled

wow... *adds to deviantwatch and background slideshow*

D: I had a really cool pirate theme going on with an Enigma setup, but now I'll be in-between computers for the next couple weeks. Danggit! :P All these desktops are looking great, btw, can't wait to get my netbook and see what I can do with it.

Just a little while longer...
than everything will be back to normal o.O


My desktop is fresh out of the box, literally, because I am posting using my new EeePC.

Haha! nice one! Running XP, or linux? did you clone across, or did you start a fresh? I used to love the getting everything how i like it, until i used migration assistant and everything just worked.

It's running Linux, straight out of the box.

You planning on putting something more window orientated? Or sticking with the simplified linux?

So far, I'm happy with the OS. Not so different from windows that I can't cope. The biggest "problem" is the up-arrow is between the back-slash key and the shift key, so my reflexive way of adding a "?" often adds a slash to the line above instead. Maybe I'll find something I can't do that I need to do, and I'll think about the OS then, but, as I said, no need yet.

. You should be able to find something similar to this that will block the arrow key(s) and run under Linux.

Ah, easier to exercise a little self control.

Good ole' XP. I really have to update my system.


I like it, nice and simple. I would be tempted to replace the icons of those three.. something a light blue to match.

Prepare to see the mess worse then my work bench....

upload 1.bmp

Ubuntu Linux (Intrepid Ibex) Screen lets are the widgets on the desktop, Avant Window manager for the dock. Using the Mac4Lin transformation pack (parts of it at least) I use VistaOSX09 on my Vista partition to create a unified theme Compiz fusion enabled, drapes rotates the wallpaper every 10 minutes (ATM it's one from my banksy folder) Thats about it I think...


I'll get a screenie of my Vista install up when i can be bothered to reboot.

Yeah, I've made it pretty similar to my Ubuntu install to make it a bit more unified.

I still have the same one I post every time on these forum topics :P

Well, i intend to post these every month, maybe you need to alter it more often! Even if its just a new wallpaper!

We never have a new wallpaper on it, my mom gets angry if I change stuff around on here.

My eee pc 901 desktop.

eee desktop 11.JPG

I love the colour scheme on that! Nice use of blues.

(Not I)

I'm not going to bother screenshotting and uploading, but I have WinXP on the Silver theme.
  • Multiple backgrounds that are either cool pictures I've found, or cool pictures I've taken, cycled with CoreDownload Free Wallpaper Changer
  • RocketDock, which eliminates all of my desktop icons
  • Rainmeter with the Enigma 2.0 desktop, largely customized to fit the Silver theme. It has a weather forcast display, a notes section, and a panel to display all my system stats (RAM, CPU, HDD, network, etc.)

It sounds like quite a nice mix, shame your not gonna screen shot it..

Fine, here. It's slightly edited to remove bits of information that I didn't really want online.


I have a simple blue sky and green grass desktop on my signon, but on my wife's we have this repeated pattern:


Yeah, it actually is more readable then my signon is....when I have time, I will be changing it....

changing the one that is less readable I mean