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Detailed Instructions for Spiral Wine Cellar? Answered

Does any one have or know where to get detailed instructions on building a spiral wine cellar? I understand the basic concepts of the construction and the ducting for proper airflow i just want to make sure I'm not missing something important here...



6 years ago

I am assuming you have seen this but for a quick idea http://hackedgadgets.com/2009/03/22/spiral-stair-wine-cellar/ has a video, that shows one being constructed. if you incorporate your stairs into the wine racking, you can do all sections at once. You could create a wood blank, then create sand molds to pour the concrete into. if you look closely there is only really 2 section types, a stair section and a shelf section.

1st question is where's the water table under your floor ??

Well that didn't go as well as planned. According to the government sites the water table for my county has been recording from 20ft to 2500ft over the last 50 yrs. Based on some experience building a home on the area the water table there, which was river valley, border line flood zone, was about 15'. My home is a bit higher in elevation and not located as near that river, there is a lake nearby but I am 300' above that lake in elevation.

The bought ones look like silos with steps inside. You could make one from a section of drainpipe sunk vertically, but you have to get it inside. I suspect they're made from sections caulked together as they are bolted in the site, and then do they mine the centre out and sink them ?


Not sure exactly, from what I've read a brick or concrete retaining wall is used directly against the earth. This is partly what helps it maintain optimal temperature. Though I like the drainpipe idea. I would probably dig out the hole, then place the drain pipe invertically and pour a concrete floor on top of a rock base. I think I would place some mounts in the concrete to bolt a spiral staircase to. Some fancy brick work and one should be able to make the wine racks themselves?

That would be my approach I think - unless you have a yen to be REALLY fancy and make moulds to cast your own concrete blocks with the appropriate pockets in them.

Or a steel spiral stair ? A local metal shop could cut you stainless steel bottle racks for the walls.


True... that might be the easiest route there... I could just build the shelves out of wood too.... and do the same for the stairs.

1. dig BIG hole

2. Line with water proof concrete and steel mesh

3. Fit shelving round the walls

4. Fit custom made spiral stair

This is going to be costly!