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Deus Ex Shades Answered

Alright folks. Those of you who are gamers must know about the last Deus Ex game that came out about a year ago. Ever since I first played that game I wanted to get my hands on working replicas of the retractable sunglasses that the main character, Adam Jensen wears in the game.

The only problem is, I have not an ounce of knowledge on electronics. I can make shapes out of plastic and so on, so this would be no problem for me if I wanted to just make shades that didn't retract.

I tried figuring out how to make these things by myself, but the world of electronics just proved to be way too complex for me to want to delve into just to work on this one project.

So if anyone wants to help make this, here's what I have in mind...

In the first picture we see Adam Jensen, sporting the shades. Notice how in the game the casings don't really have enough space for the shades to retract into. This is something that wouldn't work in the real world.

There's a picture of a cosplayer that I've found online. As you can see, a realistic version of these shades would require the casings to continue all the way back towards the ear.

Finally, if you look at the little picture I drew, you can see the basics of what I have in mind.

Basically; we need a mechanism that will propel the glasses forward in some sort of a rail system at the push of a remote control button. We can hide this button on our person to secretly push it and create the effect of the user just controlling the shades mentally. You hit the button and, Woosh! The shades slam shut.

If need be, this could be made so that the glasses need to be pushed into place manually after releasing them. Whatever works.

The little silver circles at the ends of the glasses would work perfectly as batteries.

Also, because the shades would be glued on to the face, our primary concerns with the parts we choose would be to keep them very light, very small, and to keep the parts very stable.

If anyone wants to pick this project up, please let me know so that I can help as much as I possibly can. I really, REALLY want to see this happen.


so you don't want "god from the shades"? I thought you wanted to summon a god or something. :(

I am also very much wanting some Deus Ex glasses, and want to throw in some ideas to help this project. Also, it'd be really cool to get these on the market and/or get some myself.

As for ideas:
- For the retractable part of the glasses, you could not go electronic and have a clamp attached to the bottom/back of the lens and have a little lever on the frame that you can pull or push to retract or extend the lens (see picture #1 for an example)

- If going electronic, you could make it easier by having 2 buttons on the remote; one for retracting the lens and one for extending the lens

- Instead of gluing the shades to your head (as this makes for a painful process of peeling them off) you could instead have a very thin but still strong piece of plastic connecting the 2 headset-like glasses around the back of the head (see picture #2 for an example. this is obviously just an example, not what final product should look like)

- As mentioned in another comment, the little gray circle would be awesome size for a battery and perfect concealment

- If you are thinking of going with a simple spring-release for the lens to release from, you could have something similar to my first point up there and have a little lever to both catch the lens and pull them back to load for next release

I'm sure I can think of some more, but for now that's all I got. If you have more on this project, please let me know so I can contribute some more and if there is already a product of this I can get!!


His shades I believe are built into his head, which is why the bezel is so small. The guy is a floating torso with robotic arms and legs that can do outlandish things, so it is not far fetched for them to build his shades into his body as well.

I have some ideas on how much this would actually work and I am pretty positive I can help make it happen.

I am so interested In this. Let me know when you get something made.

Hello Z.Erim, first of I wanted to say I am a huge fan of Deus Ex and having Jensen's shades in the market would be awesome. Looks like you did a good job with the design and I have a good idea to how you can actually make the shades retractable and probably close to the design in the game without having to extend the frame towards the frame. I want to see this happen too

One way of doing it might be to have the shade piece swing round the corner, the rails for something like that wouldn't be too complex, though you may have to sacrifice a little of the exactness (either the body's bigger than the shade or it's visible)

Rather than propelling it with a motor, a spring would be fine, only the catch needs to be electronically activated, a simple hook catch, very finely made, ie: it's very easy to pop, pulled a tiny little solenoid, or by (I've forgotten the name of the wire) wire that contracts under current. Hooked to the smallest bluetooth device you can find and use as a power source and wireless release.

A transistor with the collector attached to the battery positive and the emitter attached to the release device could be used. The base of the transistor could be connected to the positive side of any output, maybe the light from the device, or whatever other output it has (sound mightn't be the best)

Actually scratch that. (I leave it in as part of the idea forming)

There are these little remote control diggers and cars you get in cans. The innards are more than small enough to be crammed in to this design.

The only downside is that they're IR controlled, so line of sight would be necessary (you may find actual radio control if you're lucky)

They provide a forward and reverse, so realistically if you can get a mechanism together you could have the whole lot.

If you wanted to go a step further, you could build a smaller version of the first circuit I built in high school (either 11 or 12 at the time, easy thing to do.)

It's a light sensor circuit that includes very few components, the little light, you replace with a motor instead.

Thowes are cool did u make them ur self id like to now how to make sume i cood ware them weth my glasses