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Device Remote Pager!!!! Answered

ok check it out guys, how many times have you said "where the hell is the remote?!" and cant find it?
what about the page feature on a cordless phone? granted there is a constant connection and a remote looks off IR but I put it to anyone who can make a beeper page solution to help in finding a lost remote? hopefully its a small enough solution that it can be integrated into a tv and game controller


There are, already on the market,  small devices to attach to either key rings, or other small items that will beep when you clap, or  whistle.   Would any of them be acceptable? 

yes, and actually, that was where this pipe-dream started. the difference though is that those work via sound, and will activate themselves when my home entertainment system fires up. it seems as if wireless wouldnt work because of energy consumption

And every time you were near a wifi station, it migh go off :-) 

I believe AllElectronics has some "automobile like" devices that are used to activate car doors, etc remotely....maybe something like that could be used?