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Device to make sudden smoke indoors? Answered

I want something that will make smoke really quick and can be used indoors, I want it to be about as fast as a smoke bomb, a smoke bomb would work if it could be used indoors



I don't think there are any physical laws preventing you from using a smoke bomb


indoors. I think the rules about indoor vs outdoor use are determined by the owner of the indoor space. Also there might be some danger of lighting the place on fire.

A metal box, like maybe a large steel can, might help to keep from catching the place on fire.

But I think the most important thing is to try your smoke bomb experiments in a publicly owned indoor location, like the campus of a local high school, since that way the actual ownership of the building is ambiguous. Maybe in one of the bathrooms, because there would be a lot of tile, and that would be harder to catch on fire.

Not sure if irony or serious, but I like your test location approach.

Well, I don't think knowledge of whether I'm being sincere, or insincere will be all that helpful to you, because it would foolish of you to rely on my judgement concerning your actions.

I mean, regarding the Nazis who administer your high school, I don't know for sure what they'd do to somebody who set of an incendiary device in one of the bathrooms, assuming they figured out who did it, which probably wouldn't be difficult, because in an environment like that, everyone likes to talk, and besides you said you already "have school permission", which means you talked to one of the Nazis, so essentially you're already a suspect, even though nothing's happened yet.

So asking for permission was a mistake, in my opinion.

But don't worry about that. Because even with the element of surprise, it's really hard to keep a secret in a social environment like that. Like I said above: Everyone loves to talk, and it's going to be just a small number of interviews until someone talks about you... So there just might be no practical way to get away with it.

Back to the subject of what the Nazis who run your school might do to the perpetrator of such an act, even in the event everyone thought it was funny, no one got hurt or offended, and the smell of sulfur didn't linger. Even for such a rosy scenario, the people who care about deeply about the rules, the Nazis, they'll want to make sure the perp feels the full crushing weight of their gold-encrusted rulebook, and that probably means, expulsion for every student remotely involved in the plot, and also calling the cops and getting them involved, and also lawyers, and also placing a burden of shame and misfortune on you, and your ancestors, and your descendents, and their descendents, for seven generations.

Which means, logically: Don't do it. Because it's not worth it.

It's funny. I think I attended a high school once. Although it was so long ago it seems like it was in a different lifetime. I think, back then, I was actually worried about rules, and I made sure to follow them. I might have even worried about other people around me, and whether they were following the rules or not.

That's really a sign that you're really taking the rules seriously, when you start looking for evidence of other people breaking them. Oh! Oh! Oh! You can't do that! Oh! Oh! Oh! That is so illegal! Oh! You better not do that, or you're gonna get in troooooooouble!

Well, I dunno. Maybe the shrill voice of the insufferable tattletale, maybe that's good advice sometimes.

So, for the reasons discussed above, a high school bathroom might be a poor choice for your indoor testing ground.

As an alternative, I suggest testing your indoor smoke bomb in the house of a friend, more specifically the house of good friend, the kind of friend who won't stay angry at you forever.


3 years ago

I don't know how you erased the previous answer but I'm not doing it again.

OK Ill say it over ....... Dry ice in hot water produces a low hanging slow smoke affect no chemistry involved just a solid to gas physical change and volume rate is proportional to the surface area exposed to hot water.


3 years ago

No matter what you do your going to make a mess. Your are also possibly going to get people hurt either through direct exposure or through panic reactions.

Many years ago there was a free speech argument about yelling fire in a crowded theater. What was the point? Well in the not to distant past the film they showed movies on was highly flammable. To make it worse many of the projectors used carbon arc lamps, much like a welder, to produce the very bright lamp needed for projection. Because of this theaters often had fires. The projector booths eventually were built with fireproof material and had a metal box around them so any fire was contained. So the theaters themselves usually didn't burn. The problem was the people. They would panic and rush the exits and literately trample other people to death. So, yelling fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire was declared to be illegal. Free speech didn't apply.

Setting off a smoke bomb in your own house is something you are welcome to do. Setting it off in a public building is going to get you arrested because of the possibility of someone getting killed in the panic. You could be charged with attempted murder. Is that something that you really want?

Orson Wells played a practical joke on the unsuspecting public with his broadcast of the War of the Worlds. The problem was some people actually believed it was real since there was never any statement about it being just a show. People died as a result. He got in big trouble. And then they made sweeping reforms to the public broadcasting laws so that it became illegal to do what he did. If you mess with the public you are going to get payback.

It's in school, but I have school permission.