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Devil Ducky Flash Drive mod Answered

I've been searching the web for a tutorial on how to mod a rubber ducky or, preferably, a Devil Ducky to hold a flash drive. There was a lot of chatter about a website at freshlysqueezedflash.com but it and its tutorials are now defunct. Anyone have any suggestions?


Thanks, but I already checked that site and it references the tutorial site that isn't working.

Oops, sorry about that.

No problem. I did a little net investigating and found what I think/hope is a working email address for the UCLA student who put the site up. I emailed her yesterday, asking her what the problem might be. It's odd that the site is down, given that in the spring she was being interviewed as a young entrepreneur and was developing a business out of selling her modified drives.

I heard that she was being taken to court for something... I think she was served a cease and desist for some reason :-\

I wondered if maybe there hadn't been some sort of legal issue for her. I haven't had a response to my email yet. If/when I hear anything, I'll post it here.

Thanks, I'd be interested to hear it.

I was doing a little surfing (trying to find the mod tutorial cached somewhere) and came across a site that stated that Rachel, the UCLA student who started the website selling the mods, received a cease and desist letter from Pez for selling the Pez flashdrive holders. There was also some chatter about SanDisk possibly being miffed. She sold some mod drives on Etsy, but no recent activity. Meanwhile, I slit a hole in one of my devil duckies and rammed a 1-GB up his rump, and I am working on a glow-in-the-dark Pez mod.

ummm find me a ducky and I'll do i, so far nothing hasn't worked for me in flash drive and if I can find a handier casing then the working lighter drive will be born or the altoid uber tin,

I have the ducks (my whole bathroom is done in Devil Ducky decor :-) ) and the drives. I'm just not sure what to do other than cut a hole in one and cram a drive in.

put the drive in through a slit in the duck you like, cram the drive in and hit up some hot glue inside to fix it better and then as the glue hardens make sure the pplug end is straight... sound about right?