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Devilish Little Chicks Answered

Looking for a new way to make deviled eggs for Easter? These little peeps might be just what you're looking for!

Simple (though time consuming!) these deviled chicks are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.

Full directions here: Savoring Time in the Kitchen


Why did this title remind me of Sunbanks?

I'm just waiting in the tall grass for the first man to make a sexist comment about chicks...

>Click-Click< That was (pick one): (A) A rifle cocking (B) Some files being deleted (C) Both A and B

A lighter being flipped open and closed in order to put a sliver of doubt into the mind of Sharon Stone so that she puts away her pathetic little two-shot pistol.

Reminded me more of I_am_Canadian...


I though that mean something much worse...

How does one eat these? A la Ozzy Osbourne?

I missed you and your wit.....I really did. *hugs*

You've been witless all this time? Hey, your avatar changed, did you go to one of those foreign places where you get knocked out and wake up with something missing?