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DiY Led Wiring in brake lights Answered

I just got on the site and love it, because I love to make my own stuff as well as learn but anyways.. UPDATE: I got 50, 5mm LEDS wired and working in my taillights. The results are so good so far. Thanks for any help.


How about two banks of ten in parallel two resistors and the two led banks running parallel.

For the underbody light I was making for my Dodge Ram 2500 conversion van I used a charger for a cd player

not a bad idea but how could this be set up as a brake light then without major surgery?

Its very small, if you were doing leds you could use all of that extra room to hold it. (I think I didn't really get what you were asking)

as in what will make the brake lights come on when you hit the brake pedal when using a cd player adapter for power?

The cd charger would be attached where the bulb would normally go (not in cigarette lighter outlet)

. I've been casually shopping for LED brake lights for my old Mustang. I have seen several "plug 'n' play" units that consist of a cut-to-fit PCB with 15-20 LEDs mounted. If you can find a set designed to fit into your housing, it would definitely be the easiest route to take. . Unless you are pretty good with electronics, I'd shy away from DIY brake lights. Much too dangerous if they fail.

I am actually trying to perfect the skills and wiring on my Focus, then do a set up on my 69 Fastback, mustang brother. DIY allows me to make the pattern I desire and probably save 150 bucks (which could be used for GAS Money)

. '67 coupe, Mexican 302 (289+.030 internals with cam, 4-bbl, &c), toploader, 9" rearend. Definitely not the factory drivetrain, but it's period correct. Sitting on blocks, waiting for tranny and rearend repairs. :(
. Previous owner installed '68 front fenders. Haven't made up my mind whether to keep them or go back to original style. '67 didn't have side marker lights, so I'm leaning towards keeping them.
. If you are comfortable DIYing, then go for it. If you end up with a set that will fit my '67, contact me. As far as the wiring (series/parallel), I'd try to find a set I could inspect and see how the pros do it. Googling LED taillights +DIY turns up some interesting stuff if you can ignore all the installation instructions.