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Did 16 year old boy do 75kmh (46.6mph) on pedal bike? Answered


75kmh ===46.6mph

A Palmerston North mother has labelled police claims that her [16 year old] son reached speeds of 75kmh on his bicycle as "bizarre", saying it was impossible for him to go that fast.

Summerhill Dr, Palmerston North, Manawatu-wanganui 4410, New Zealand


 The image of the jet powered bike, and description thereof is from Popular Science Magazine December 1947. The cartoon is curtsy Kapi-Mana News NZ  Behind the Google street view is a major Y intersection including a overpass


I'd agree with the mother.  A mere teenager would probably not have the strength to travel at 75 KPH, even with the hill and all. 

That's a lot for gravity-drive, and even gravity + power. The aerodynamic-drag would be substantial at that speed. Still, I don't know the hill or the boy, or the bike, or the equipment used to "clock" him.


It would be hand-held laser speed recorders, if the the cop was parked there monitoring car drivers, coming into the city downhill, its a good place to make up time before you encounter all the traffic lights once over the bridge, but if the cop was driving on patrol then it would be radar that did not need pointing.

But a boy on a bike would be a small target for a laser mean for cars and bigger vehicles, and with radar, a boy on a bike would not reflect radar that well.

Knowing cops, i think it was really just the cop was on patrol and saw the boy, and just did a estimate, high enough to shock the boy into not doing it again, if equipment was used, the reading would not have been accurate due to it not being meant for boys on bikes, that could explain the 75Kmh

if that was the case, the cops would not admit it, it would mean one cop did not understand the limitations of his equipment, later it could be used as a defence for a real speed case, and then, it could be the equipment is discredited, and become legally useless.

Did you think, that if the boy was risking killing himself, that the same went for the father on his test runs? The boy got away with it due to his age,.

I will advise if the father gets charged for a offensive after the news report came out.


But a boy on a bike would be a small target for a laser mean for cars and bigger vehicles, and with radar, a boy on a bike would not reflect radar that well.

They track baseball pitch speeds with radar.  LADAR would be overkill but would do a better job of it.

 The device the cops here use looks and is handled like a gun, but bulky

 Why not see what happens if you park your car on the side of a road, and point a hair dryer at on coming cars.

What if a few cops did the same idea but pointed a paper cup at on coming speedsters but used a hidden radar device to clock their speed and charge them?

Word would quickly get around and speedsters would slow down whenever seeing a commuter in his car on the way to work drinking a cup of coffee

Would work better than parking dummy cop cars on the side of the road 

Why not see what happens if you park your car on the side of a road, and point a hair dryer at on coming cars.

It's been done.....the cars slow down, but if the police catch you doing this, you are "endangering the public" because some will "apply the brakes unnecessarily hard to get slowed down" making their swerving and skidding a hazard.

The problem with your theory is that, the many of the police are under a quota system, and so they are not there necessarily to make things safer, but to get their quota in speeders (thus the reason for hiding just over the crest of hills so radar detectors fail more often, etc.).  If they were there to actually "just slow down the traffic, they'd be out in the open for all to see,  maybe even a car (doesn't have to be a real one) every 10 miles or so, so the drivers don't KNOW which ones are real or not.

 Quota system

If so, why dont the cops ask for volunteers to help get their quota each day? :-)

in this case, that would be "illegal"  as they are "civilians" and asking a civilian to be less civil is not really a good idea.

 the cops radar is optimise's for large vehicles like your old VW

still, they have been used (I've seen them in use) to clock a baseball which is only about  9 inches in circumference (229 mm or about 23 cm, just to cover the bases here {ooo, a pun within a pun  LOL } )  this is about 3 inches diameter...(76 mm - nearly 8 cm)

 I meant using a baseball speed checker for cars, any lawyer would quickly discredit the reading.

In the '70s I worked at a car assembly factory, it was British cars, we did a order for the police, they added all their extras later elsewhere.

But one part we did install was special, we replaced the standard speedometer with a specially calibrated one,

but I suspect it was also better quality so it stayed calibrated.

this was either before radar speed checkers or just as they were coming in. and I suspect they were to be mufti cars..

The dashboards came from the UK fully assembled,  in NZ one man did nothing but check therm over, and fix faulty ones, either swop over parts, or correctly assemble them. He did 12 per day, so 40 minutes average to fix a assembled dashboard that the British took off their production lines before they went onto THEIR cars

Well, they actually use the RADAR used for cars to check the ball speeds. AFAIK

I know our speedometers are "calibrated" to read about 2-3 mph faster then actual speed.....but most motorists know this, so they don't normally try staying at exactly the right speed....

Our cops don't stop you unless you are 5-km over. (or doing something else they can also also stop you for)

Stupidly there was a big outcry when some people realised they were being stopped at for example 8-km over.

They had taken the cops stated 5-km thinking that a legal figure and added on another 5-km for the cops stated leniency not wanting to admit to themselves that anything over the legal speed limit was illegal

Yes, what is the radar-signature of a bike (as compared to a car)?
I'm doubtful, but as I said previously I don't know much more about this.


If you had not noticed, I posted a picture of the street on the forum recently.

The Wright  brothers used a gravity powered catapult for their first flights, so while the first flights were with heavier than air equipment, the flights weren't self powered take off 

Hmphr...I believe I was near this speed several times on my 3 speed Touring bike (long since dead now).

 So either you are a imposer, a ghost or Dr Who.

But certainty you can not be long since dead Goodhart.


Well, my bike's speed-o-meter only went up to 35 or so,  so since I had it pinned to the right, I can't really say....but I had this favorite hill.....and It was a long one (took at LEAST 3 minutes at top speed to get the whole way down);  my bike was an old English (steel framed) touring bike - 3 speed, broken cable so it was STUCK in 3rd (high) gear (this was my exercise as a youth, climbing hills in high gear, as I was too lazy to fix the cable).   It was a MAJOR rush going down hills though.

I DO seem to have had a LOT of good luck with that bike - once I took it out, knowing the front tire was a bit thread bare - and rode for 3 hours, arrived back home, pulled into the drive way (hitting some stones therein) and poof !!!   The tire went flat.  

My one piece of bad luck came though, some time before that, I was about 8 miles from home, and another front tire I had,  seemed a little low, so I stopped at a gas station, and in those days, they all had air pressure pumps to fill tires (made for automobiles mostly),  so I hooked one up to the bike, pulled the lever, and less then 30 seconds later was standing there bewildered that I could no long hear the traffic passing on the road (you got it, the tire BLEW UP, i.e. exploded).    The pressure gauge on the pump was faulty, so it wasn't entirely my fault *sigh - right*.   That was a LONG walk home, holding the front end of the bike up in the air, so I didn't damage the rim.  

 not many people would hold the front wheel up to protect the rim as they don't know better

No,  not for a LONG time :-)   But way back when she did,  she had a similar situation at a gas station, but walked it home, despite the fact that the tire was blown mostly off the rim (the wire around the edge kept if from being totally removed.

re your I know (of such a person...) 

Was it you then?

learnt from experience?

I suppose you didn't read that right....I was politely agreeing that it was my wife, but in the distant past..... ;-)   she walked it home with rim on the ground....gravel, etc.

 I suppose you have not realised yet that I am a "stirrer"

Now its out in the open, I hope your wife is not allowed near your PC

Indeed she is, and has an account in here.....when she can remember the password, and when I ask her to vote for one of my contest entries (to guarantee I have at least ONE vote ;-) 
PS: I knew you were an instigator from the get go..... ;-)   but I am patient....and that sometimes pays off...... >:-)
  I am patient enough to bore the "stirrer" to silence.... ;-) 

 I admit Aspies are patient beyond the call of duty.

You ever wondered why your a doctor calls you his patient?

My Doctor calls me Mike, but that is another story.

he also calls me "friend" since I help him take a vacation to Greece every year.......

Does he offer to take you?

I was talking about in general, doctors invented the waiting room, where patients wait patiently like good little patients.

You can be sure he overbooks so he does not lose a slot if somebody does not show, and everybody shows, he rushes through. after all, he finishes up nearly the same time each day. (In NZ anyway)

Most people wait quite impatiently in the waiting room ;-) 

I arrive early for politeness, and wait patiently, but I catch on quick if somebody is moved up the appointment  list in front of me.

Goodhart, aspies are different, the Human Rights Commissioner is investigating, seems my GPs staff have been changing my appointments around on the day, without him knowing.

I guessed over the last few years, twice last year they said nothing bad was happening to the Health and Disability Commissioner.

But it would have been wise to stop then, but they continued using other methods but adding to the pattern.

My GP a employee admitted fault last year, we shook hands, he is on leave now for 3 weeks, he had been lied to as well. I think he is enjoying me sticking up for myself, and getting somewhere, my mood get better, less work for him

I try to arrive early too, but I am married, so that doesn't always happen,  and it frustrates me when it doesn't....I normally have a book with me to read though....or my MAKE mag, or the 2600 or something. 

I had some carcinoma removed from my nose today, again......they are going to test it to make sure it is not malignant...*sigh*

Not easy to pull the wool over the eyes of a Aspie whom spot detail that others miss, that lead to more detail proving bad things do happen. 

 Got a laugh from my doctor when I told him about the patient waiters out in the waiting room.

And what if she votes against you? 

You do know bribery is illegal?

She rarely even gets in to vote at all.....even less rarely then I enter contests....but, as one person once said:  What's a little bribery amongst friends?  (I believe in the movie: Anchorman).

 As long as its not a politician whom the news-media watches closely

next time you need a vote let me know and I see if your are worth my vote.

But PLEASE no kissing, thats bribery too, and could even got too far.

But then, a kiss from  a politician would likely be dangerous to your heath or sanity.

As for me, its 24 c inside and outside, and I am in home isolation, picking up a cold last Friday, a 24 c morning and at 2-pm the fog becoming visible with a big temperature drop.

Anybody on Instructables working on a cure for the common cold? (made worse by my sinuses being closed off with a 2 " thick door

I either simpley refuse (mentally) to catch a cold, and on the rare occassions when one gets through anyways, I  "force myself to feel better" and normally heal much more quickly then my constiuents and peers.

 Thats the same as telling a person ready to jump off the harbor bridge "Pull you self together"

I generally put up with a lot of pain, this is the worse for years.

However I can air mail you a sample to put up your nose, so you can what its like.

But then, you got your wife to do the housework while you are incapacitated

Not really...it took me years of practice to learn how to "make myself well" by thinking myself well (and it works Most of the time).  I so rarely get ill (colds, flu, etc.) anymore.

Lately, my rotator cuff (right shoulder) is giving me a LOT of pain...but that hasn't anything to do with colds or anything. 

and I WISH my wife would do some housework.....then I would be able to walk without hurting myself in my own home....

Twice i put too much PSI in my tire. Surprising, i can still hear.

Yeah, but for about 20 minutes after the explosion,  I was afraid I was never going to hear again ;-) 

Yeah, my neighbor ran out of his shop to check it out. Just me looking confused and shreds of inner tube everywhere. Good thing I couldn't hear because my dad was pretty mad about me blowing out another tire. He didn't say anything the second time this happened.