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Did I do something wrong? Answered

Maybe I forgot to click on the "Health by Design" button when I published these two instructables? It was late and I was pretty tired. I can't think of any other reason why these instructables on how to deal with eczema wouldn't qualify:
Bleach baths and other cheap eczema remedies
Extra special fancy cream for eczema


The Health by Design contest requires that you actually make something as part of the I'ble.  Several other quite nice projects, which only dealt with, e.g., "how to support someone with X", were disqualified.  The first of your I'bles seems to fall into that category.

The second one, however, is clearly a project with a "thing" as a result.  You might send a PM to Fungus Amungus, the staff member coordinating the contests.  In terms of the quality of the I'ble, you really should include some actual personal photos of your project, rather than just stuff you got from Google Images or wherever.

 Thanks for the tip (I never know who is in charge of what at instructables), but mainly, thank you for the very nice compliment you unwittingly gave me: I always take all the photos in my instructables myself (the dark backgrounds are my kitchen counter, the white my dining room table). In this case the lizard is an exception, which I included after a lengthy internal debate: not only is it a whole lot more attractive than some gross picture of my husband's bloody hands, but it fits the theme very nicely... also my husband's skin doesn't look that bad anymore since I've been making him these creams and I don't think he'd agree to withholding treatment just to get a nice, ugly shot of how bad his skin can look!

That is very cool (the pictures, I mean).  If you do PM the Staff, you should mention that those are your own photos; the collection of bottles especially looked like a "stock photo" or equivalent.  Good composition!

 Oh yes, and the last picture on the guide... I had a great shot of my kid in the bath, but after careful consideration I thought it would be better to use this beautiful shot of the bacteria -- something about posting naked picture of children on the internet didn't seem right....