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Did I just fry a MOSFET? Answered

So I am working on a project that involves electromagnets and I am going to control them through a Arduino with a MOSFET. However when I was testing a set-up using an LED I think I fried it. So I am going to link my Circuit layout (excuse the quality, I made it in MSpaint) rather than try to explain it in words. Also I am pretty sure my resistor was too small, but I don't know if that is the killer.


You need something like this where your magnet replaces the motor (don't forget the diode).

A huge amount depends on what type of MOSFET your using. (it's number would help) a link to the data sheet even better).

I doubt that you fried it with a 9 volt battery and a 220 R resistor - not enough current flowing.

Your resistor should be chosen to limit the current through the LED to around 10 mA

680 ohms assuming a red LED

from here



It would help to know what Mosfet you are using.

You need a resistor on the gate so I would say yep you fried the Mosfet.

Put a resistor, say 100k from the gate to ground. Otherwise there is no discharge path.