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Did anyone have a bad day today? Answered

Today is Friday the thirteenth. If anyone had a bad day, just say it here. Dont worry, This topic is to help cheer ppl up. For me- The day was fine enough.



Had left shoulder surgery for torn ligaments. I was pricked seven times on my right arms by the anesthesiologist trying to find a vein. Surgery was at 1:30 PM and I had nothing to drink or eat. I was given a nerve blocker for my left arm and it felt that it weighed a ton. The nurse forgot to add my birth date to the prescription for the pain medication. I have my arm on a sling and I had to sleep on my recliner. Other than that I'm fine!

OUCH! My right shoulder just ached for you... (been there done that). :(

Feel better soon.

Had to revive this topic... OMG what a weird day of oddities... Then I realized that it was in fact Friday the 13th... GO FIGURE!!!

Thanks to this superstition, Friday the thirteenth is, in fact, the safest day of the year - fewest road accidents, fewest admissions to hospital through A&E.

me and my girlfriend broke up on F 13th

He might have been saying, me too to the :O sorry :( above.

My wife and I went out to our fav pizza place tonight, the total was $33.30, we tipped 20%.......... Think about it.......... Yep, a completely meaningless coincidence.

We were in the supermarket checkout line one day. The lady in front of us bought $86.66 worth of groceries. Then over the loudspeaker, "Jesus, cleanup in aisle 10". Jesus(pronounced Hay - suce) is a common name around here... Yep, a completely meaningless coincidence too.

My dad and i have the same last name, so does my brother, and my uncle, and my other uncle. Not to much of a Coincidence.

Are you stalking me LOL, No that was the special, I have pepperoni and anchovy pizza and my wife had eggplant parmigiana.

a glass bottle fell on my head that day

Aside from getting hit in the head with a chucked rock from the road, no.

Today....2/17...I fell in our hallway between the bathroom and the bedroom. Crashed down on a few things piled there, and cut a few things and got bruised elsewhere. the back of my right leg is suffering from a horrible looking welt the size of a silver dollar.

Yeah, and this welt is not going down..... I am hoping it doesn't continue to bleed internally....I may have to get it looked at tomorrow....

Thank you for your concern. So far it has not gotten worse....but it hasn't gotten any better either.....it will probably take a little longer to heal than it would have say, 30 years ago :-)

ouch. the injuries sound like you crashed thru a glass window or something

No, but the wife has some stuff in the hallway and when I fell, I did fall into some of it.....some of it being quite solid, and one thing (an old license plate) was a bit on the sharp side). I have to avoid deep cuts, being I am on 2 blood thinners...thankfully none of them were deep enough to bleed profusely...

ouch i had jumped once barefoot on a cover of computer power supply. it lay on the floor with the walls up. it cut me a 8 mm deep 60 mm long cut from the bottom and along the side of my right foot. with some kinda mismatch of the sides at the ends. i have a scar from it

Ooo, that must have hurt....mine is more of a bruise and hard lump....I have to watch to make sure I don't get any internal bleeding, because it might not stop...

actually no. i realized that i was injured only when i saw the blood

I have had a few of those too, but mostly they were clean cuts....

The day before someone brought two bobcats to work (12th) for spay and neuters, guess who had to sit and wait until the cat woke up. Friday the 13th That night the girl I went to the movies with brought her "friend", her friend was female and it makes me wonder. Take a guess what movie we saw.

Ironically yes, I came down with a bad case of food poisoning on Friday... *samonella attack, gah!* Luckily my awesome girlfriend stopped by to help make everything better :-)

I'm much better now, but thanks for the thought man

I had a tiring weeks, but an average day. Bad day for my principal. He got "administrative leave" without a renewal of his contract (aka FIRED!)

last night (today was the first day without him :D )

I wish the same thing would happen to our assistant principal.

I hope I get fired next year, right before hunting season!

They fire you, you fire your gun.

Or is that postal workers?

That's just being a real son of a gun....