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Did the prize change? Answered

I could've sworn that the first day the USB Contest was out, it said the first prize was a Leatherman "Squirt". Now it says Leatherman "Juice". I Didn't even know the squirt existed until I saw something yesterday, and I thought it was the prize from the USB contest. I'm not crazy, am I?


Even if they did, Juice is better than Squirt, so who's complaining?

I love my squirt i wouldn't want a juice i just wanted the shirt and pro membership

What's with the liquid names?

Yeah, It changed again now 3 first place places

Is there a problem with the contest submission button.  If this continues I'm going to win all the prizes by default #;¬)

I think that the people who enter these contests have observed (many times!) the bias which derives from how contest entries are presented for voting.  They've figured out that a good strategy given the default presentation is to submit your entry as late as possible, so that it shows up on the first page of "recent".

Hey...that sounds an awful lot like e-Bay to me :-)

Alternatively, get in as soon as possible, make sure it gets Featured and you'll come up first with total number of views in the main screen...

That helps, but half of the finalists are also picked by Instructables staff to ensure that some entries that voters missed also move on to judging.

The same thing happened with the BetaCup Challenge. For the first week or two, there was only, like, 7 entries. Then it caught on, though, and by the end there were hundreds of entries. It would be cool if you won, though!

Oh ... I don't like this prize ! It isn't appealing and lovable for me ...

The particular version of the Leatherman probably depends on what they've got stashed in a drawer at HQ :-)

And as for you being crazy, I'm not sure the answer to your question will really affect our opinion :-D

Well, I feel honored that someone in the community even has an opinion of me!