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Did you ever stop and think... Answered

If you've ever done some sort of performance, you'll have had that sudden realisation:

All these people are here to see me... !

Not exactly stage fright, but a sudden pause as you realise that anything you say or do, good or bad, is somehow bigger than usual, because you're not talking to a couple of friends, you're not singing in the mirror. You have an impact because of the larger size of your audience.

It occurred to me a few minutes ago - everything I post here has a potential audience of over two million new people every month. That's over 70,000 per day!



Welcome to the Internet. Welcome to Web 2.0

Web 2.0, that's like Web 1.0 but with spinner hubs, a big frickin' spoiler and a "type R" sticker, right?

Ahh! Sorry, I had to have such a nice serious post... ( I want someone to quote me on that )
Although "Web 2.0" grinds gears in my head (gahh!), its kinda true. The social aspect has really been "amplified", recently...

Hmm, kind of like Mozilla's Flock browser.

Ahh! Sorry, I had to have such a nice serious post... ( I want someone to quote me on that )

Will do. ;-)

Nonono... on:
Welcome to the Internet.
Welcome to Web 2.0

I suppose it was just one of those sudden thoughts...

I normally feel like I'm speaking to just one person when I post online, or chatting to a handful at most, like throwing a comment into a conversation in the pub as you pass.

But, stuff lingers on the web. It turns up in odd places.

I know that some of my pupils read this site, because I here them mention stuff they've seen. I have even (rarely) heard them quoting me, because most of my pupils don't know the link between the bloke that makes the cool stuff on the internet and the bloke that gives them an earful for running down the corridor. (Maybe they do now, though - hello Reece.)

A couple of years ago, I emailed a friend some ideas for a lesson. Last year, I found a printout on a colleague's desk. It was my lesson, having been passed on by an unknown number of teachers (around the world, since I sent the original to an ex-pat in Australia), changed slightly (my original lacked diagrams) until it got back to me...


(Hello, world)

Online, I don't think about it.....the few times I have been up front of a crowd....yeah....you can see all the faces staring back at you waiting for you to
say something brilliant LOL sorry to disappoint you but....

I tend to get that feeling more so when it's in person than online, or when the spotlight is on me. Like here, i'm just talking with friends. But in an instructable, that's where it's more like what i'm saying has an effect on people.


10 years ago

Wow - that's quite a bit. But think about it in a different way:

That's 70,000 people who's lives could be changed by me, every day.

Well, you get the idea.

or you can think that of those 70,000 people that you could be offending 1000's of them ......

Never thought about it. Great... now I have to say hello to 70,000 people. hello hello hello hello hello hello I give up.

No, I don't think (if I do i'll stop posting stuff)

It's probably bigger on the BBC website.

Its just a lot of people just like me so no, its not that scary, except, that its a lot of people JUST LIKE ME!!!!

umm.. er... hi was that the wrong thing to say? or that? or that? or that? ... or that?