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Did you get a copy of the book? Show us and get a patch! Answered

We have a new feature here at Instructables: the virtual patch! We'll be giving these away for contests in the future. They'll appear on your "You" page like in the picture below.

The first one we're giving away is a book patch for everyone who's bought or won a copy ofThe Best of Instructables, Volume 1. All you have to do is show a picture of yourself holding the book and you'll get one! Putting your face in the picture is optional for all of you concerned about your privacy.



9 years ago

Here's mine- been meaning to do this for a while!


woah predator mask project?

The mask is only a small part-

I've already made a lot of changes to the mechanism and electronics shown here. I'm trying to get it all finished before Halloween.


I'll have an Arduino animatronics tutorial soon!

Woah black keys? I never seen black keys on a Mac, most of the time the whole mac is white...

Congratulations on winning !

Oh, i have a mac too... a 3g...2001

Good one- LOL! No I'm just a slacker... I'm actually working on so many things right now (six projects in various stages of completion) that other things keep getting bumped to the top of my list and I just simply forgot about it. I even wrote myself reminder notes- and I just happened to pull several of them out of my pants pocket last night so I figured I'd better do it before the process repeated itself. :P

Haha late :D Got it today, a pleasant surprise at Borders.


Here is mine!!


First of all thanks for the patch ! Ya its actually a mac 10 I made from cardboard ans scrap, I acctually did a slideshow of it ! its not completely finished but ive already posted it on instructables !

 Lookie lookie! It's me :D


When do I get my patch!?

That's a really bad attempt.

 What are you talking about?  He is clearly a purchaser of the book! 


Find a mirror,  face the mirror and point the camera at yourself, while holding the book in the other hand....using the mirror, you should be able to view the LCD screen of the camera and then stap a good one the first (or second) time :-) 

Got my book guys. Thanks!


Yeah, well, I can go without sleep for 20 consecutive hours!

Braggart. :P

I can go with sleep for 20 consecutive hours! No but seriously I did 36 hours without sleep, it burns so bad...

I have went two days without sleep. 24 hours gaming and 24 making stuff out of knex.

I slept for the next day and a half after that, i was totally zoned out by the end of it.

. I have gone as much as 20 minutes without taking a nap!

. Yeah :P Really nothing to brag about. It was just one of those in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time bits of good luck.

. That's because you keep breaking the servers.

I had to pay extra for it. ;-) Just kidding, I won the last burning questions contest. It was one of the prizes.