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Didn't receive prize? Answered

I recently won a runner-up prize in the elemental LED contest. I entered my mailing info and about a week later, I got the instructables prize pack with a t-shirt a stuff, but I didn't get the actual prize (Apollo beat jammer). Does the prize normally come separately from the instructables pack? If so, how long will it take? (been 2 weeks since the instructables pack came)


Sponsor prizes sometimes come direct from the sponsor, so delivery is outside HQ's control.

If you're concerned, though, check the email address you gave HQ, especially the junk folder, then email service@instructables.com with your concerns. Include your username in the email, and a link to the winning entry.

I have no idea - I'd been lying awake since about 2am, wondering why I couldn't sleep. In the end, I reached for my iPod and did a little surfing.