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Didn't there used to be a i'ble for a hacked printer that prints directly on to circuit boards? Answered

I searched and couldn't find it.? I did find a thread on cnczone.com about it, but i thought there was one here.


yeah, i found those when i was searching for the i'ble in question. I could have swore there was someone who re-worked the carrage and was using an old laser printer. I was liking this idea better than the one on cnczone cause you didn't have to bake the ink on from the inkjet. I remember it being ready to etch right out of the printer.

Printing directly onto a PCB with a laser printer would be really hard. The paper needs to be rolled around the drum, pressed against another heated drum to fuse the toner to the paper. Though I suppose you could somehow pass the pcb directly between the two drums. Toner transfer doesn't sound that hard. Get some glossy paper or transparencies, an iron and a little water. Not really worth hacking up a perfectly good laser printer.

There's a way to re-build a printer to become a flat printer rather than a roll printer. It's an on-the-cheep 3D printer.

I remember one that was converted to a 3D printer. Could it have been over at Make magazine?

I've always wondered if it could be done... Put never felt like putting in the time