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Different colours & stats in members info tags Answered

I have noticed that different members have various colours as a bottom bar on their avatars, also that there are differences in the info & stats in each one.
Would I be correct in believing that these are some kind of indicator as to the input of each individual member & that the colour & stats will alter as the member becomes more involved such as publishing ibbles & leaving ratings?


That explains the colours & I do like the way it is based on Top Trump cards very cool :-) I still don't understand why different peoples have different sets of stats; some have seven or eight others only three or four. It only occurred to me when my other half mentioned that some she was looking at had more than mine & several others she looked at afterwards seemed to be missing a few stats as well. I had a look at a few that were listing only a few & many of them had activity that seemed to be included in other peoples but not on theirs. I was just wondering if it was anything to do with the settings for profiles or something similar. Any ideas folks?

I had read about them but not seen the instructible until now. I was so pleased to see YOU GOT YOURS! :-)

Ahhh, the other stats are generated when you have:

Answered questions in the Answers section of instructables

If your answer is selected as marked by the questioner/poster as the Best Answer, you will generate the Best Answers percentage.

If your instructable is featured by the staff or by members of the featuring group to appear on the home page or featured in the channel groups, you have number of instructables featured percentage.

If you have stalkers people that want to be notified of new topics or instructables posted by you, you will have followers or subscribers.

So go make some awesome instructables that will be featured and will garner enough interest for you to have groupies.  How to shake them I do not know.  Good luck.

I had assumed tis was the case but thanks for the explanation. I have had an istructable featured that is why my better half noticed it in the first place. However I have been looking at a lot of instructables & the comments that go with them since she pointed this out I have also been taking note of member stats & have found quite a number where the stats don't compute. For example there have been quite a few where the featured percentage does not add up; 2 featured postings out of four = 50% not 33%, 2 of 6 is 33% not 20%. I can only assume from this that the database updates the stats on a periodical basis not in real time, this would explain why members with a very recent featured publication have inaccurate percentages. When I worked in IT part of my job was to assist in the development of internal & external business systems & have come across a few similar instances in counts & stats, notably one which led one to believe that a particular large European bank had only one employee & another which returned the information that the millennium dome had only three computers on it's network using a grand total of 12 meters of UTP cable :-) Thanks again.

You know, I hadn't noticed that!

I think you may be right.