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Digital Capacitance Meter? Answered

Can a digital capacitance meter measure the capacitance of an inductor?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Yes, IF the capacitance is within the range of the meter. Most inductors have a capacitance too small to be measured by most meters in my experience.

I am going to buy a multimeter that has got a minimum capacitance rating of 2nF will that be able to go into decimals?

I don't think that's small enough. As Steve said, it goes into the Pico Farads


7 years ago

I have a meter that measures RLC to four digits.

Doesn't help if his C is below the range of your meter though.....

My personal doubt is that a "C" meter can handle the load of the L - an RLC meter works on different principles.


Your right Steve, though I still don't think The MadScientist knows what he's asking.
I have to wonder why someone needs to measure the tiny capacitance of an inductor.
There are very good coil winding estimates and graphic solutions to inductive capacitance available in old hardcopy form.
If someone is into building tank circuits where the length of 1/4" of wire or bend can have major circuit operation effects, the circuit physical construction is by far more the significant affect.


Very true. Its not something I've needed to know to manage a design in my "usual" frequency ranges !

Me too,
I knew enough to fear and avoid HF design for a very looong time but then these hidden pin grid array high speed processors forced me back into the fray.
Now the final insult, one is obliged to use X-ray to confirm proper solder joints !

In England we often quote a piece of Rudyard Kipling at this point.....

"You're a better man than I am Gunga Din."


I'd expect you to be looking at pF, not nF, and I have nasty feeling it won't measure the capacitance anyway, because of the L.

Try before you buy.