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Digital Patches Answered

You may be asking yourself (or everyone else around you), what are these "digital patches" I hear so much about?

The answer is quite simple, digital patches are online greeting cards that you can send to other users which will show up on their profile page as a small picture icon. When you click on these little icons, it will display a larger sized image with a personal message explaining why the patch was awarded. There are a number of default images you can choose from, or you can upload your own.

For instance, if you really like a project someone has posted, you can send them a digital patch to let them know how awesome it is.

Or if someone subscribes to your feed, you can thank them by sending them a digital patch.

Or perhaps you just want to send lots of people virtual cookies for a good time. You can use digital patches to do that too!

Or if you want to start a club to honor everyone who has ever posted how to make a pocket protector, you can do that!

Or you can use it as a way to say hello to old friends by sending them a patch with their two favorite things.

Or perhaps you just want to brighten someone's day with some flowers.

Whatever is your impetus, by signing up for a pro account, you can receive a number of digital patches to distribute as you see necessary.



If I want to upload my own patch, what are the pixel dimensions or file size limits and recommendations?


7 years ago

Ok, I have a question. If I get say the annual pro account it says I get 15 patches to give out. Does that mean I can only give a total of 15 or that I can make 15 and give them to as many people as I like?

Hi, I've just used a 3-month "pro" coupon so I can send patches, but I'm a bit confused - I have a few queries:

1. My "stuff" page says I have 3 DIY patches left (haven't sent any yet) - is there just 1 patch for each month? Can I get more to send?(I notice some people seem to have heaps to give away)

2. What is a DIY patch? Are there other kinds?

3. If I want to upload my own design, does it need to be a certain size or pixel x pixel count?

I hope someone can answer my queries- can't seem to find the answers elsewhere.


You currently have 3 to give away.

The DIY patch are the kind anyone can assign. There are also Official Patches which you get from being in the newsletter or winning a contest (amongst other things).

The images don't need to be any particular size, but I would probably avoid uploading something extremely large.

I recently sent one for the first time, and assumed "Add a Private Message" meant that the message part would be private... but I can see it. Can I see it because I'm the one who sent it, or because 'private' actually means 'personalized'?

Thanks - good to know. Facebook should take a few lessons from Instructables :)

Can non-pro members send/recieve patches?

You can't send them, but you can receive them.

Oh ok, thanks for letting me know!!!

I hope I haven't offended anyone with any of my created patches.

Heh, tetranitrate likes unicorns...