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Digital Photoframe to LCD monitor / general tech question Answered

I have this digital photoframe lying around. It has no input other then a SD card slot.

When I look at the datasheet (somehow I can't upload the file, but you can find the datasheet here) I see the different functions of the screen connector pins (page 5), including:

Blue Analog Video Signal
Green Analog Video Signal
Red Analog Video Signal

I was wondering, is that somehow related to the RGB from a VGA signal, since VGA is also an analog signal? Would it be possible to connect the RGB from a VGA cable to these pins to use the photoframe as a (lowres and slow) external monitor? I guess it's not as straight forward as just attaching 3 wires is it?


Feed it the right signal and it should be as simple as attaching wires, as the thing is designed for analogue video input. I'm not sure which video standard matches that, but have you taken it apart looking for cables/sockets?


Yeah I opened it too see how its connected.
The screen has a low voltage, high voltage and ground connection on one side and one of those really flat ribbon-like cables on the other side. I think the list on page 5 of the datasheet shows the connections of that ribbon.

I was looking for more info about the accepted signal:

The specifications say:
Video Signal Interface: Analog Video Interface

In the Absolute Maximum Ratings list of the datasheet, VR, VG, VB at  5.5V are mentioned as the maximum analog input signals.

Your at the same level as I on this - I don't know the device any better. But with that document, spicing-in a video signal shouldn't be that hard. (if someone knows the format, and I'm hoping for another answer here)