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Digital Picture Fram Keychain Video Simulation? Answered

Is it possible to flash the firmware in one of the small 1.5 inch digital picture frame key-chains in order to reduce the slideshow feature timing to about 15 milliseconds?  Then one could preview all the photos in memory and simulate motion video. 


If you got the GigaWare one, you only can put on 60 pictures. And video goes by frames so like if you did 4 frames per second(fps) you would get the slowest, junkiest 15 secs of a video. If you had 15 fps and thats pretty much basic quality video, you would only get 4 seconds of good quality video, I guestthere might be a way to hack into it somehow. If you find an answer to this, POST AN INSTRUCTABLE ABOUT IT! and comment it on my instructables so thaat I know.
Thank you guys and I hope my comment was useful.

I just found this link http://spritesmods.com/?art=picframe Don't know if it's what you're looking for, but check it out and let me know.

I would suspect that the components used in the cheap keychain photo frames are not capable of drawing images that fast. In addition I would suspect that they would be made using specialized chips that are not reprogrammable. (They do not have firmware.)

Alternatives: You can find affordable microcontrollers if you are okay with writing the code yourself. Maybe you could find an old color screen handheld device that could play video on ebay.

It will depend on the brand of digial picture frame keychain, and how accessible the internal circuitry is, without destroying it. It might be as simple as replaced a capacitor to change the timing. But it may be, as you suggest, that the timing is controlled by firmware. You may have to buy a few of them if their inexpensive and crack one open to see what's inside. You could start a collaborative project here and take some pictures to see if anyone could offer up any other ideas. Good luck with the project.

I don't know, but it sounds a cool hack.

If you find out, make sure you post an Instructable about it.