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Digital Picture Frame How-to Building Guide Answered

Digital picture frames are a really popular gift project here on Instructables, and lots of people are searching for digital picture frame how-to's. So, here's a guide to some of the best digital picture frames we have:

Cheap 'n Easy Digital Picture Frame
Total cost was under $100, and could be substantially less if you're savvy.

Digital Picture Frame Numero Dos!
I made this as a wedding present for a very good friend of mine, and I think it turned out very well. Granted the cost of digital picture frames have come down significantly in the past year alone, but that wouldn't be handmade, customized, or particularly interesting to read on Instructables.com, now would it?

Hanging Laptop Digital Painting
Take your old laptop, matte it, frame it, and convert it into a hanging framed digital lcd screen to do with as you like.

YET! Another Digital Picture Frame
All Picture frames i have seen are nice, but I wanted something else: A really nice frame (custom made and that's ain't cheap), a nice size (14.1") and with some "extras" (wi-fi, bluetooth, etc). This is a brief description how to disassemble a notebook and assemble a nice digital frame.

DIY Digital Picture Frame (the easy-lazy way)
Inspired by the "12 dollar digital picture frame" on makezine.com, I bough the Jukebox from Ebay and the connectivity kit from K-Mart. At a garage sale, I found just the type of frame I needed: one that would fit the Jukebox and the SD card INSIDE it.

Find more digital picture frames using the digital picture frame keyword.



9 years ago

I have a variety of old laptops from which I'd like to build digital picture frames. The LCD screens have a ribbon cable, and the pins aren't labeled. The cable seems to accept the standard computer monitor type input, rather than the much simpler composite video that the PS1 screens, etc. require. Does anyone have any information on wiring a standard HD15 connector (regular computer monitor cable input) to the LCDs? I've tried getting the info from the manufacturers, but unsurprisingly, they don't want much to do with you if you don't want to buy a computer and/or parts.

Laptop LCD's are usually missing a very important component that would allow them to be standalone LCD's.
Here is an example of the part that can be used to make this work but its usually in excess of $400..

So its usually cheaper to either purchase a new LCD or use the laptop as a the photo frame using some of the instructables on this site.
example: https://www.instructables.com/id/Digital-Picture-Frame/

Sorry had to plug mine :)

Have fun.

the computer you have was bought from them. (by you or somebody else)

dear all, i am having an LCD Monitor(15"). how can i turn that to a digital frame?? Possible???

It is possible but you will need a computer to run the LCD.. this is usually done with a mini-itx or pico-itx machine.. small enough to fint into a fat frame. Both of these types of boards are available on ebay. Have fun.

All of them pretty much say, get an old laptop or screen and attach some electronics and hide it behind a frame.

Nice of Noah to convert this post into a Guide!

This was one of initial experiments with guides.

I just made a frame for my Ipod, or used a diy projector for it.

I made a photo frame with a Pocket PC and some rustic wood materials. It is posted inside my "Rustic woodware at no cost ..." instructable. I'm leaving a link to the step where it's shown in case you want to add it to this forum:


Good job, I love this site!

If I am understanding correct you can make a digital picture frame by gutting and repackaging and older laptop?

Woohoo! I feel special! I made another one as a Christmas gift for my mom recently - I think it's my best one yet.

Great compilation Eric! I guess I will have to pull an attempt at making one of them!