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Digital Picture Frame from LCD Monitor Answered

I am trying to explore the most cost effective and quality solution to my wish for a 22-26in Digital Picture Frame for 300 or less. This is something I would mount to my wall and hope to have no more than 1 wire dangling dwn from the frame (pwr supply). Do anyone have suggestion on how this would be easiest to accomplish? Suggestions? Thanks in advance, Sharon


Some of the chinese made picture frames, you could purchase for that price.. Maybe slightly smaller but for 300 it is available.. Check ebay.. They have no cords... Perhaps it would be a different case if you had no money... Then it would be worth trying to make it.. Why not instead of just a pic frame... purchase a flat screen monitor and mount it on the wall... hide the cord with a table and vase... Then it could be used to play video's etc too... Now that would be cool.. ;) Good luck

Thanks for your reply LTNDBT. Using a LCD monitor is what I want to do (see title of my original posting). I used the reference to a digital picture frame to give people an idea of what I am wanting to accomplish. My question is how to accomplish this with a LCD monitor using no computer. I am trying to figure out how to do this using just a LCD monitor. Thanks again, Sharon

Hmmm.... There needs to by some type of OS on some type of medium large enough to hold your picture's etc... An auto playing portable storage device, capable of auto playing contents.. There needs to be a storage medium atleast... I'm not sure how you could do this unless it was fitted inside the LCD. that does not seem feasible.. Sorry all out of Idea's... I like LinuxH4x0r's idea... I build on that... :)

Just use an old laptop. It would fit nicely behind the lcd