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Digital pen or writting pad Answered

Hi all,
I am a translator by profession. So i need to type 30 pages of data per day.(approx: 3000 words). My language is Malayalam (Kerala, India). I need a device that looks like either a pen or a digital notepad . All i need is to write somewhere and my PC to detect it and display in text editor.. Is it possible with an infrared pen.?.Any help would be appreciated. 



Either a Wacom tablet or a Livescribe Pen + a purchase of the Myscript software to convert the handwriting into text.

Would you recommend the software? I never had a good experience with it.

Myscript? Well, I've only used a very short trial of it, but it was decent in my experience (some things didn't translate over very well, but I have messy handwriting and sometimes do things in my notes that wouldn't really translate into text anyway). It would probably be better if you could "train" it, which I don't think you can do (or at least couldn't when I tried it).

Thank you blkhawk and Lithium Rain, I just find a writing tablet on my nearest shop for 1600 INR.