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Digital sundial Answered


This guy just made an incredible 3D printed shadow casting time piece. My question Is: can you figure out how to slice it in 1mm slices so that I can cut it on my cheap laser cutter?
First, I just don't have the mental capacity for such. 
Second, my software is terrible and I need it in black with white background. And can even be a PDF. 

I appreciate it and and would make an instructable to help anyone else do the same thing. 




2 years ago

I printed one of these sun dials and it is very cool and I was thinking the same thing, cut it out in layers and scale it up and make it out of metal.


Unfortunately the more you look at it, the more problems you will find. No matter which way you slice it up you are going to get a big pile of little bits that will fall out everywhere. So I gave up in the end, Some where on his site he said it could only be made with a 3d printer, I think he is probably right, or it will be very difficult.

If your looking for software to view the STL try Meshlab, its free.


2 years ago

123D had this program to make your own carboard creation in slices.
Not sure though if you can find a suitable file to import for this job.
But you can always create your own there...